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Monday, 11 June 2018

Have you ever wanted to go to a festival but somewhere hot where mud is kept at bay and you're more likely to need suncream than an umbrella? Where you don't need to fight with the elements to put up your tent, which inevitably you will not be able to find at 3 in the morning? Well I think I have you covered - go to a festival in Europe and save yourself all the hassle and top up your tan at the same time!! 

Holiday Gems specialise in sunny destinations closer to home, such as Portugal, Spain, Gran Cranaria, Majorca amongest others making it easier than ever for you to hop on plane and enjoy some of the best festivals that Europe has to offer.  The best part is that all of these holidays are cheap from Holiday Gems and so saving your euros for more delicious wine from the local winery! 

If food, live music, a whole lot of ceremonial pomp with grand processions are your thing then you may want to check out The Portugal Carnival which takes place leading up to Lent so it's the perfect way to indulge before the fasting begins. The cities of Lisbon, Louloe, Nazare, Ovar and Viana do Castelo together provide some of the very best opportunities for viewing and participating in the festivities so no matter whereabouts you stay in the region you're bound to be in the heart of it. 

There are of course other major festivals including St John's Fair in Porto and All Saints Day where the iconic Flamenco culture of Spain's Andalucia region is joined by The Fado of Portugal. This is type of traditional folk music which is most popular in Lisbon and nearby regions. The song and dance is led primarily by a singing fadista while guitar and mandolin players accompany his or poetic lyrics and tone. 

Doesn't that just sound magical? Definitely better than standing in a muddy field surrounded by drunk people singing out of tune, swaying to the music and spilling their pint over you! No thank you! The best part about heading off to a European festival, especially with Holiday Gems, is that not only will you save money on your trip but you'll also have more time to spend in your destination thanks to the low flight time and the fact the time difference is likely to be low. Hello no jet lag and more time exploring your destination. 

Portugal is such a stunning country and so much to offer that you could easily (without breaking the bank) extend your holiday to give yourself some time to really get under its skin and see everything from the gorgeous beaches to one of the 15 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With fantastic weather all year round, August temperatures reach 28C, pleasantly cooled by that gorgeous sea breeze off the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal (and the Algarve) is the perfect destinations for festivals and beyond! 

Would you ever want to take in St John's Fair in Porto or All Saints Day? Would a festival abroad be your cup of tea? If you've ever been to one let me know! 

Love, Sarah

*Sponsored Post with Holiday Gems, all opinions my own. 

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