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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Hello, I thought i would do another lifestyle post today, although what is 'lifestyle' anymore? It seems everyone classes themselves as a 'lifestyle blogger' these days and it can be so hard to be seen as different in this ever expanding blogosphere. I was talking to a friend recently about this and she told me she was looking at a thread on a Facebook blogger's group where almost everyone had replied 'lifestyle' when asked what niche their blog was under! 

There was hardly anyone who said lifestyle and something else which just goes to prove that it can be very difficult for your blog to be seen if you don't define it. I have always felt proud of being a lifestyle blogger as in previous guises I have tried to be both a beauty and a fashion blogger - neither of which suited me so switching niches helped me to be able to cover a wide range of topics and back then it wasn't so saturated as it is now, sometimes it can feel like you're swimming against the tide when you have a quick search on Twitter or Instagram under the hashtag 'lbloggers!'. 

I don't mind being part of this group, I've always thought it's pretty cool how many people class themselves as a lifestyle blogger but with the trend leaning towards bloggers earning money from their writing, rightly so, it is even more important to stand out and get your blog seen, to be a little different to everyone else vying for the same job and give the PRs something different for their clients. 

I've worked with quite a few PRs over the years and all of them have said how much they love my blog, how my 'sunshiney' personality shines through and that they love my writing style. All of these together have worked in my favour to bring in some dollars and varied work all of which I have loved, the different subjects I was able to cover and write about is a great reason to be a lifestyle blogger, being able to turn my hand to anything and have it fit so easily onto my blog and not stick out like a sore thumb! 

Recently I have taken to saying I am a lifestyle blogger with a focus on skincare and beauty as I do have a lot of skincare posts already on my blog and I have a big love for it as I've had quite the journey with my skin, which you'd know if you've been a reader of mine for a while or have read my previous posts on this very subject. 

I also mention that I have a focus on featuring small businesses  because I absolutely adore finding and featuring them on here, showcasing them to a wider audience and perhaps helping them to gain more customers - it always makes me smile when I get good feedback from the business owners after their posts go live. Plus I get a good feeling when I find a new brand/company/business that nobody else (or very few people!) knows about!

I have loved and will continue to love blogging, it gives me an escape from everyday life, somewhere to vent if something's annoying me, a place to share the things I love, new discoveries, to meet new people, go to new places and share it all. I have loved seeing new bloggers emerge over the years, some of whom have become really good friends, I have loved reading their posts and keeping up to date with their lives! Some have left, which makes me sad, but most are still around and re-connecting with bloggers/friends whom you once knew feels really good. Like they were there at the beginning and to have them still here 6 years on just makes my heart so full. 

Blogging as we know it has changed so much since I started in 2012, gone are the days of bloggers writing about their latest haul from Superdrug, taking photos on their point and shoot camera and uploading as soon as they've finished writing. Nowadays bloggers are planning their feeds weeks in advance, taken on their Olympus Pen camera, with props, on a white background, all edited in Lightroom and uploaded at the right time to garner as many likes and views as possible. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, it just shows how the industry has evolved. Bloggers are now being called 'Influencers' and working with some of the biggest brands and fronting campaigns which were once only the pervay of models, being paid the big bucks to talk about the products they once gushed about (for free) on their blogs. 

This industry is forever evolving, the way PRs work with bloggers is always changing and so it's only natural that bloggers themselves change with it. Now it's a career in its own right, bloggers are now becoming content creators, leaving behind the traditional 9-5, shunning what was once deemed to be a woman's role (as most bloggers these days are women, although men are bloggers in their own right nowadays and so they should be!) and carving their own paths in life. New jobs are emerging which were never thought of before so it's only natural that, as bloggers ourselves, change with it. I'm not sure what it exactly is which makes one blogger stand out against another, it could depend on so many factors from follower count, engagement metrics, click throughs, DA, the list really is endless. So it is even more important to ensure you stand out against the crowd - quite how you choose to do that is completely up to you but you have to ensure it's unique to you and the message you're trying to convey to your readers. 

Once you have a particular writing style your readers will know what to expect from you when they click on your blog and so will be more likely to return the next time you upload a post. We all have our favourites whose blogs we return to again and again because we can't get enough of their fashion sense, killer photography, witty posts about drama in the blogosphere or travel related posts about their last epic (mis)adventures! To a certain extent, it is this which defines you and can be what brings PRs to your inbox asking you to work with them because they love the way you write and think their client(s) would be the perfect fit for you, this is what I have found anyway. I would say this is why it is so important to define your niche - make it easier for brands and PRs to notice you. What is it you want to be known for? Once you know this everything becomes easier - or at least it should do! 

Love, Sarah

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