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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

With Father's Day just around the corner, now's the time to start looking around for that perfect gift. I for one always struggle to not buy the same type of present for my Dad but at the same time they're safe and reliable and I know he'll love them! One item I know my Dad will love is either food, wine or beer so with that in mind here are just a few of my favourites which I hope you will love too! 

Elizabeth Shaw Chocolates

As one of Britain's best loved chocolatiers Elizabeth Shaw has a chocolate for every occasion, they never scrimp on quality, using only the finest cocoa from the Ivory Coast which is refined for 24-hours which creates a smooth chocolate with an unforgettable texture and taste. 

I for one can attest to this because I have been lucky enough to have received samples on two previous occasions! The lemon flutes in particular are absolutely delicious and oh so easy to eat, you may just end up eating the whole box and coming to the realisation there aren't any left! The hazelnut & raisin and the cocoa and hazelnut & raisin biscuits are equally as delicious and are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon. 

Raisin & Hazelnut biscuits combine crisp biscuit, chewy caramel, raisins, hazelnuts all wonderfully packaged up in their delicious milk chocolate. The best part about these is that they're suitable for vegetarians! Winning!

Cocoa & Raisin biscuits are just too good to share! Covered in chewy caramel, topped with raisins and crunchy cocoa nibs smothered in rich dark chocolate. You may have to fight your family for these ones but they are so worth these are also suitable for vegetarians.

Milk Chocolate Orange Crisps, are little bites of orangey goodness, with zesty orange oil blended perfectly with creamy milk chocolate and melt in the mouth honeycomb crisp. With each chocolate being individually wrapped you can enjoy these anytime with no worry about opening a whole packet. 

These sticks are a delicious combination of dark chocolate with a lemon fondant centre which will excite and tantalise your taste buds and make for the perfect ending to an alfresco picnic with a pitcher of freshly made lemonade! Again, suitable for vegetarians. 

These wonderful chocolates are currently not available on their website but there are plenty of places you can buy them from including Redber, Chocolates Direct, Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Wilkinson,Lidl, Morrisons and Booths.

Bakerdays Cakes

I have previously featured Bakerdays cakes in a separate post but I thought I would mention them here as well as they're just too good not to! If you don't know who Bakerdays are then let me explain,

 "BakerDays is a Personalised Celebration Cake Specialist, providing quality cakes for all occasions. The delicious range of recipes and sizes are available for delivery 6 days a week and if you order before 2PM, BakerDays can deliver the very next day!"

Bakerdays make searching for that perfect present even easier as all you need do is have a look on their website, decide if you want a cake or cupcakes and then choose a design - you can even have your own photo on top, just like I have here. 

The best thing about Bakerdays is that every cake fits through your letterbox so no more coming home to a red card from the post man, making it the perfect gift to send to your Dad (or step-dad/father figure in your life!) if you live far away but still want to send him a gift. 

The Bakerdays bakery resides in Nottinghamshire and can deliver across the whole of the UK on a daily basis. Now that's impressive! You can choose from 12 cupcakes, this letterbox cake at 5", Small at 7", Medium at 9" and Large at 12". 

You can also choose from a huge range of balloons, banners, candles and bubbles to add in as extras to your cake! Perfect if you're celebrating a birthday! 

You can choose from 6 delicious flavours, vanilla, chocolate, fruit, half and half, gluten free and dairy free. So even those with intolerances should be able to enjoy a slice or two!

The Bakerdays team are very friendly and will happily answer any questions you may have! They are there every step of the baking process and will endeavour to ensure your Bakerdays experience is as fuss free as possible. 

I can highly recommend using Bakerdays this father's day, because of how easy it is to choose a cake and the fact it fits through the letterbox. Plus all the cakes taste delicious!

Veeno - The Italian Wine Specialists

Veeno was started by two Italian guys who found they shared a passion of Italian Aperitivo - the ritual of drinking, nibbling and relaxing after work. By the end of 2013 Veeno was born - a place where everyone could enjoy great wines and the most authentic Spuntini, platters of meats, cheeses and other appetisers, imported from carefully selected Italian producers. 

The wines come from the family vineyard back in Sicily where great-grandfather Antonio planted the first vines in the XIX century. Since then, they have been working hard to ensure that the quality and tradition could flow from the bottles to the glass in your hand. 

I have personally been to Veeno more times than I care to mention and have now had 4 wine tastings so you could say I am now something of an expert, all I know is I enjoy my wine and will take any opportunity to expand my knowledge. 

If you haven't experienced a Veeno wine tasting before then let me explain how it works. There are a few different wine tastings but the main ones are the Selezione Tasting & the Classic Tasting. 

Selezione - two whites, a rose and two reds + a sweet white
Classic - two whites and three reds + a sweet white
Blind Tasting - 6 wines, in teams guessing which wine is which! 
Red only tasting - 5 wines
White only tasting - 5 wines 

All tastings are served with their authentic sputini - a delicious selection of meats, cheeses, breads, olive oil with balsamic and breadsticks. Each food item is designed to be paired perfectly with the wines in your tastings and I am a big fan! They even cater for vegetarians.

This would make the perfect gift if your Dad is into his wine and is keen to taste some Italian wine. Plus if you're interested too you could always go together! I have found that despite having been 4 times now I always learn something new, especially as previously I have had 3 Selezione tastings and 1 Classic. All of the wine on the tastings is available to purchase in store (as well as online) plus you get a discount code which is a little bonus on top. 

All of the team members in Veeno are so helpful and knowledgeable about the wines and I have had nothing but great experiences each and every time I have been, whether that be for a tasting or just meeting a friend for a drink. Definitely worth a visit! 

So there you have it, just a few ideas for father's day. I hope you have enjoyed reading about these gifts, personally I have bought my Dad 6 bottles of delectable Malbec wine from Vicampo which I know he will absolutely love! Plus I'll get to sample it too, so it's win win here! Check out the link if you think this is something your Dad will love! (Or yourself, no judgement here!) 

Happy Father's Day, have a great one! 

Love, Sarah

*post contains PR samples all photos and opinions my own. 

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