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Friday, 13 July 2018

It's that time of year again, where we're all jetting off somewhere exotic, to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life by sitting on a sunlounger and sipping on something cold. With life being so busy it can just feel like something else we need to tick off our ever growing to-do lists that by the time we're actually laying on said sunlounger it can be hard to actually relax and enjoy it, save for thinking we've forgotten something important, perhaps like Buba Global International Medical Insurance to help us out should something happen to us whilst on holiday. It is vital to ensure you are covered before you travel because you have no idea what could happen, even before you've left home! 

Travel insurance can protect you before your plane has taken off if you start it from the date you're searching for it and not the date you leave! It can compensate you for flight delays, lost baggage, underlying health conditions which may prevent you from flying as well as deaths in the family. It makes so much sense to protect yourself this way, I can't understand people who either leave it to the last minute or don't get insurance at all! Anyway, I'm sure you're all sensible people who do cover yourself and consider it the most important thing to tick off your list when you first start searching for holidays. 

Tips and tricks to help you prepare for your holiday:

Cross check holiday prices with a comparison site so you're finding the very best value holiday. 

Speak to your travel agent when researching for holidays, you never know what deals they could get you.

See if you can get your car hire included in the price of your holiday 
by searching online for deals as well as speaking to car hire dealers directly

Spread out all of your clothes you intend to take, see if there's anything missing, shop only for them and see if you can condense everything into a capsule wardrobe to save on space.

I love the quote "Take half the clothes and twice the money" I believe this could work well for you too!

Multi tasking clothes can be a space saver, pashminas can double as blankets on flights, maxi skirts can pulled up into a maxi-dress, white tops go with everything, sarongs can be cover ups, scarves and fashioned into a top for an evening out.

Depending on where you're going, you may or may not need so many pairs of shoes. Trainers for the flight, sandals for beach/pool days/evenings out and another pair of flats to change into.

Packing cubes are very hot right now and will help you save space in your suitcase as well as helping to keep everything sorted and together, making them easier to find at the other end. Also on the way home they can be used to home dirty laundry - essential for keeping your remaining clothes fresh and of course easy to locate once home.

Keeping all documents together in one place will help make everything easier to find once you're at the airport/destination and trying to locate your passport and hotel check in details! Printing out all paperwork and storing it in a folder/plastic wallet/travel wallet will be invaluable to you! 

Packing spare clothes in your hand luggage when travelling on a flight can save embarrassment should your luggage go missing. (Travel insurance can help you here - another great reason to take it out before you fly!) I suggest spare underwear, a bikini or swimsuit, flip flops, a sarong or cover up and shorts/t-shirt should you have enough room. 

Sharing suitcases with your partner or friend is another great idea to help in the lost suitcases debacle. Even if it's only enough clothes for a couple of days each, it's better than being left in the clothes you put on at 4AM to catch your early flight!

Sorting out your hand luggage before you fly will help you feel more prepared and be one less task to worry about in the days before your flight! Pack whatever you need to help you feel calm onboard, perhaps your favourite magazine/book, a bottle of water (take your empty one through security and fill it up on the other side!), rescue remedy should you need it, music on your phone or ipod. Anything to help you feel more relaxed is welcome, just make sure that it isn't overweight and you don't put unnecessary items in there because you have to carry it through the airport! 

 Once at your hotel, if you have access to a fridge pop your aftersun cream in there to help soothe your skin after a day in the sun. (You can also put your suncream in there too to help keep it cool prior to application)

When getting ready in the morning, after your shower is the perfect time to apply your suncream before heading down for breakfast. You can always top up again once you're back in the room if you need to. 

I hope some of these tips have been useful to you! Please let me know any of yours and if you've ever tried any of the ones I listed above! 

Happy Holidays!

Love, Sarah

*A sponsored post with Bupa Global

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