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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Your bathroom, your haven, your sanctuary, your escape from the stresses and strains of
everyday life. The place you probably spend more time in other than perhaps your bedroom orthe kitchen and possibly the one place you’re likely to want to renovate more than any other.

Did you know that adding space to your bathroom is the key to amazing restyling tricks? But it can be the most overlooked phase leading to awkward moments whilst trying to step in between the loo and the shower to get dressed!

But perhaps you have a small bathroom already and just need to choose the right colour
scheme and accessories to make it look spacious? We all know that mirrors, lights and white walls can all make the difference to the feeling of space so why not add in shelves above the bath, cupboards underneath your sink and a shower over your bath? 

Don’t forget about all those nooks and crannies you sometimes overlook like backs of doors, wall space above sinks, toilets and gaps between units. All of these can be utilised to help store towels, beauty products or a laundry basket. Corners can be home to clever shelving which instantly adds functionality to an otherwise dead space as well as being somewhere to add ambience via a warm light.

You could make simple changes yourself which would save you hundreds in the long run but if you’re looking to change more than the aesthetics, then perhaps you should look at getting professional ideas and fitting along with choosing the right flooring and shower spaces. All of which can make a massive difference to how your bathroom looks and feels.Professional bathroom consultants can be contacted here or visit their showroom in Harrogate . After all, you don’t want to be bathing and regretting your choice of tiles whilst trying to relax!

Personally I love Pinterest for things like this, searching out all the space saving ideas I listed above. Some of which I would never have known of otherwise! Have you ever heard of all mounted toilets or floating shelves? Corner units, showers with inward opening doors or L-shaped bath tubs anyone? Like I touched on earlier, colour and tiling can make a massive difference to the feeling of space in your bathroom. How about diving the tiles with a border halfway up in a different colour? Or fading a darker colour out from the bottom? Not only could these make your whole bathroom feel bigger they also add in some interest into your space.

There is a whole world of tiles, paints, floorings and cabinetry which you could use to expand the space available to you in the bathroom. If you’re savvy you can create the spa like haven you have always wanted quickly, easily, without fuss and within budget. There’s no need to be extravagant (unless you want to be of course!) with just a few simple tweaks you can create the bathroom of your dreams.

Love, Sarah

*Sponsored post with Harrogate Bathrooms

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