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Monday, 16 July 2018

There's nothing better than slipping into a pair of sexy knickers, feeling the soft material against your skin and instantly feeling a little bit sexier. Only you know you're wearing it and it can put a spring in your step, giving rise to a secret smile than no-one else knows about. How often do you treat yourself to a new lingerie set? Or even some new knickers that aren't the usual M&S all black variety!?

Sometimes you just need to do something for yourself, be a little bit selfish and really spoil yourself because damn girl you work too damn hard not to. It's okay to take more than 5 minutes in choosing your underwear, to actually ask for help and find something you absolutely love but which perhaps serves no function other than to make you feel a million dollars whenever you wear it, to head into that boutique lingerie shop on the corner and spend a little money on a special set or perhaps just some sexy knickers. 

One thing I really love about being a woman is the fact we have such a huge range of lingerie available to us on the high street, all there to serve a purpose to a degree but also there to help make us feel beautiful. By putting on a set of matching underwear we can feel invincible, put a spring into our step and work a little harder or give us a new found confidence to speak to the guy or girl we see everyday but haven't yet found the courage to actually talk to yet! 

The journey to self-love can be long, arduous and in some cases be non-existent. It can be really difficult sometimes to believe what other people are telling you when faced with your own body everyday but the longest relationship you'll ever have will be with yourself so isn't it about time you started, even in some small way, to love yourself?? To take pride in the body you do have and stop wishing for a body you don't?! I for one know this isn't easy, but perhaps by starting small it will be easier? Doing something just for you, taking time out of your ever more hectic lifestyle and relaxing by choosing some new lingerie.

You could always take advantage of in store personal shopping and bra fitting services, making time to really get to know yourself and find something which not only fits you really well, (which we all know makes a massive difference) but flatters your beautiful figure. 

Personally I always head to Marks and Spencer for my underwear, as I know they'll have something beautiful in my size at a good price. Recently I had a gift card to use at an independent lingerie store which was a different experience altogether. I got much more of a personal touch - the lovely lady who served me worked efficiently to correctly find my size and bras which would work best for me. I found two beautiful bras, each slightly different styles and colours but also both in the sale! Nothing better than finding a beautiful bargain! 

Women's lingerie is a bit of a minefield but one most definitely worth exploring. Treat yourself to something beautiful this week and see the change. it will be worth it I promise. 

Love, Sarah

*Knickers received in exchange for a feature on my blog, all words and crap photos my own! 

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