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Thursday, 2 August 2018

Matcha is a very powerful antioxidant containing 137 times the amount than regular green tea. I am a massive fan of it ever since my sister came back from Australia, my favourite being a jasmine flavoured tea. It is grown in the same way as green tea but prior to picking it's shaded from light which causes it to release higher amounts of chlorophyll and antioxidants to its leaves. The leaves are then plucked carefully and ground down to produce a fine powder. 

Unlike regular tea, Matcha has never been steeped in water so it retains all of its nutrients. its second ingredient, L-Theanine, Buddhist monks discovered this in 12 century and sipped it daily before meditation, advising the military to do the same realising that it honed their focus whilst increasing their energy over long periods of time. 

Matcha contains naturally occuring caffeine, L-Theanine cleverly binds to it promoting a slower release of energy without the fatal slump that coffee gives you. Packed full of carotenoids, vitamins, chlorophyll and antioxidants, the benefits of Matcha are outstanding. 

Once Matcha has been in contact with the air it oxidises and loses all of these powerful benefits so Matcha Now came up with a patented cap technology which holds the matcha leaves away from the air - only to be released when you twist the cap, shake it up drink! 

There are two flavours available, Lightly Sweet and 100% Pure - £18.99 for 6 bottles and £29.99 for 12 with free UK shipping on all orders. It is a revolutionary product because of the unique cap design, it is easy to operate and use, you simply twist the green cap on top to release the matcha and until you do this it's kept completely separate. I had never seen this anywhere before being sent these to review, and as I'm a big lover of green tea anyway, I knew what the taste would be like - which is, as some of my friends have put it - like grass! 

I tried the Lightly Sweet version on the train down to my friend Madeleine's wedding and it was absolutely delicious. Yes it had that familiar 'grassy' taste to it but what I also found was that the sweetness counteracted this and made it easier to drink. I really enjoyed it and would recommend it if you're a fan of green/match teas already and are looking for something cooler to drink in this hot weather which will not only refresh you but will also give you a hit of energy, much needed when you're on a packed train to King's Cross! 

These bottles would be great for on the go, on your commute, after your gym workout, before a yoga session...there are so many times and places you could drink your Matcha Now - my tip would be to pop it in the fridge beforehand so it's lovely and cold when you need it! 

I still have the 100% Pure bottle to taste which I know will be full of that Matcha taste I have become so accustomed to nowadays. I'm sure I will love it and knowing that it's doing me good whilst doing so makes me feel so good inside. 

Have you tried Matcha Now before? 

Love, Sarah

*Matcha Now sent to me in exchange for this review all opinions and photos my own. 

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