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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Hello there! I have decided to start another new series on my Blog, this time focusing on small businesses. Being a blogger I am regularly put in touch with owners of small businesses and it is a really enjoyable part of being a blogger. Whether it be reviewing a product, service or finding a new company which sells fashion at an affordable price, there is often a small team of people behind it, plugging away, putting in the late nights and the early mornings trying everything to make a success out of their little business.

I do feel, that as bloggers we do owe some responsibility to them as more and more of them are turning to Twitter and bloggers alike to promote themselves. Plus, I think it's fun being one of only a handful of bloggers lucky enough to discover a burgeoning business and getting to trial some of their products! Or is that just me!?  

I have found all of the business I'll be featuring on twitter, under the hashtag #smallbiz as that is where they were all hiding! To start with, I'll be featuring a couple of the small businesses I've already come into contact with, as that way I hope that a few of you will have already heard of them too! 

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Wingz Fashion are solving the problem of having to or wanting to wear a sleeveless top or dress but also not being ultra confident about your arms. They also make all your Summer outfits perfect for wearing all year round, just pop on a matching set of Wingz and voila, your wardrobe just doubled! 


Wingz was fashioned out of owner and designer Michelle Ellis's condition lipoedema (a painful skin condition on the tops of your arms/legs uncomfortable and painful. Like most women in her situation, Michelle wanted to be able to wear the same fashion as her friends - most of which was sleeveless! Michelle had already designed some incredibly beautiful dresses for plus sized ladies (FatPhrocks) and so it was only a matter of time before she created Wingz - a set of fabric 'wings' that were attached to a band sitting under the bust. 

They are designed to be a multi-purpose fashion accessory which can transform any sleeveless outfit from Summer right through to Winter! Wingz make so many low cut and backless a real possibility as they look just like a normal sleeve and there is no visible neckline! 

An appearance on Dragon's Den catapulted Wingz into the world of online reach, hundreds of women were tweeting Michelle and her partner Steve for information on how they too could get their 'Wingz!'. It has now been 7 years since that fateful appearance on Dragon's Den (where they were unable to achieve an investment) but not to fear as bloggers everywhere have been eager to test and review their own set, getting the word out to yet another large audience! Just goes to show the power of social media and bloggers! 

The team at Wingz have recently added new designs and colours to their original line of Wingz Fashion and their website has recently been updated too so the future is looking very bright for Michelle and Steve right now!

Styles available:

There are a variety of differing styles and colours available on the Wingz website, from lacy sleeves to suit a wedding dress, chiffon wings to add an extra bit of oomph to an outfit or 3/4 sleeves to cover the tops of your arms but leave the rest on show. They range in price from £15.99 to £45 and sizes 0 - 3 which are explained below: 


 0 - 6-10 UK
 1 - 10-12 UK
2 - 18-22 UK
3 - 24-28 UK

At first I wasn't sure which size to go for but I was kindly advised to go for my usual clothes size which is a 14 so went with a size 1 as a size 2 would have been much too big for me! 


Standard delivery £2.49
UK special delivery: £7.98
International delivery 6-20 days
Europe 3-7 days

Mainland UK delivery 2 days

My Review:

The style I chose was the white lined chiffon flare (£15.99) as I thought they would be the most versatile style as well as the fact they were running low on stock on some of the lacier designs. I really love the design and how they flow on the arms instead of being tight as my arms aren't the firmest and have a little more wobble to them than I'd like but I do love that they're see through so you are able to still see my tattooes! 

I love how Michelle has come up with something which doesn't add any extra bulk to an outfit, because believe you me, having to carry a cardigan, bolero or a shrug can be a pain in the *bleep* when you're wanting to go out somewhere and take a small clutch bag!

You may (or may not!) know that I used to be bigger than I am now. So I have been there too, wanting to hide away from the world and think that there's nothing out there to suit or flatter me. If I had known about Wingz back then they would have been a godsend to my wardrobe, making it easier for me to wear the outfits I'd see in the shops and on the models.

I'm not saying that I would have instantly gained a bucket load of confidence by wearing them (because lolz I didn't have any!) but just to have them there, knowing that they covered up my arms but didn't add any extra bulk to my already big frame would have been amazing. So I can see just why Wingz have been so popular! 

I have styled them here with my new sleeveless fuller bust white shirt from ASOS and my yellow flare dress from H&M. I think my Wingz go perfectly with both items but fit best with the white shirt, adding a different take on an ordinary outfit. I love the detail at the ends of the sleeves, it just adds a bit of something and easily takes your outfit from day to night. 

I am looking forward to styling up my Wingz with other clothes in my wardrobe and seeing what looks I can create. I think these flared ones would work best with sleeveless tops and dresses rather than capped sleeved tops because of the flowy nature of them, however there are plenty of other styles on the Wingz website should you be looking for a more fitted design. But I can highly recommend them to update your current lookbook! 

So if you're after something to give you a little more confidence and to perhaps increase your wardrobe a little then I can highly suggest Wingz Fashion. Check out their website for more details and to find your perfect set of 'Wingz!'

Love, Sarah


*Wingz sent to me for the purposes of this review, all opinions my own.

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