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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Upon viewing the first episode of Murder House (Season 1) I knew I was going to love it, from the crazy opening titles to the fact that actors from one 'world' can appear in another but play completely different characters. Once you've got your head around this one you can sit back and enjoy the weird and wonderful ride that American Horror Story will take you on! 

I am going to concentrate on the three main series/worlds which are likely to appear in Apocalypse, namely Murder House (S1), Asylum (S2) and Coven (S3). 

I'll (try!) to make some predictions about what will happen next so keep reading to see if you agree with me or not! 


Season 1: Murder House

A house which once belonged to an abortionist and his wife and is inhabited by several couples and families along the way, none of whom can sell the house due to the high number of murders which take place there. I really enjoyed this series because it gave me an insight into how AHS works, yes it may be a bit kooky and off the wall but at its heart is a storyline which has real heart and guts to it (pardon the pun!). It explains what's happening and why by using flashbacks to show how the residents came to be in the house and how they died. 

What I didn't realise was that all the residents in the house, are in fact, dead! (Well apart from the new family but one by one the die too!). When I realised this I was like 'ooohhhh!!!' NOW I get it! The rule is that if you die in the house or in its grounds you can't leave and are destined to spend eternity haunting its halls and picking off any new owners one by one! 

Apparently in 'Apocalypse' we will be returning to Murder House and one or two of the characters which interests me a lot because a few of the original cast from Murder House also star in Asylum and Coven so it will be interesting to see if they stick to their old characters or are in fact completely new ones, because this seems to be a trend in AHS so far!

Season 2: Asylum

Apparently there is set to be a massive crossover with Asylum and Apocalypse which would be incredible because it is an amazing season. Set in the Briarcliff Mental Institution, it sees Sister Jude Martin and Sister Mary Eunice Mckee maintain the institution which was founded by Monsignor Timothy Howard to house the criminally insane and the mentally ill.

It seems (from the outside at least) to be  a safe place for these kinds of people to go but there is a sinister undertone (which seems fitting considering the theming of AHS!) at work thanks to the Nazi doctor Arthur Arden. 

Writer Lana Winters finds herself in Briarcliffe and the story follows her as she tries to escape, unearth the truth and rescue her fellow inmates. This is the first time we meet 'BloodyFace' and so we begin to learn his story too and the truth about his son (who just so happens to be played by the father from Murder House!?) 

We learn more about a few of the characters and how they found themselves to be a resident at Briarcliff, the saddest part is right at the end when we learn that Sister Jude was wrongly incarcerated after trying to expose Dr Arden. She believes that only a day or two had passed since she spoke to Monsignor Howard about being released but in fact years had gone by and as well as learning he had killed himself because of Lana Winter's crusade; Briarcliff had also since changed hands - going into the care of the state, meaning that more inmates had been brought in without the additional care. 

Lana Winters escaped with the help of Mother Senior Claudia and exposed the truth about Bloodyface being in fact, Dr Oliver Thredson who had previously kidnapped her and raped her, leading to her giving birth to his son. Lana writes a book and actually re-visits Briarcliff to try and get it shut down as well as to rescue Sister Jude, but unfortunately she is too late and Jude had already gone. 

 Again we see characters from Murder House in Asylum which, having started to watch Coven, is a theme I am beginning to think American Horror Story are keen to do throughout all 8 seasons. If the rumours are to be believed, and let's hope they are, this means that Kit Walker's children, Emily and Timothy will be returning in Apocalypse as the saviours of the antichrist. It would be amazing if this was proved to be true because it was first put forward by a Reddit user over 2 years ago! 

Kit Walker finds himself in Briarcliff after being wrongly accused of being 'Bloodyface' by none other than Dr Oliver Thredson. There was also an incident with aliens who (apparently) impregnated his wife Alma. It can all get pretty confusing but essentially Grace, Kit and Alma all end up living together with Emily and Timothy until Alma, driven crazy by the alien abduction becomes hysterical kills Grace and ends up being committed to Briarcliff and sadly dies in there. Kit himself develops pancreatic cancer and is taken away by the aliens never to be seen again. 

I find Kit's story to be the saddest - along with Sister Jude's as they seem to be innocent but unfortunately caught up in the system which can't or refuses to let them go. In a weird way I hope they come back in Apocalypse and get revenge on those that wronged them. although I doubt that would actually happen I have learnt to not count anything out in AHS!

Season 3: Coven

Now I have just started watching this but already there are 3 characters from Murder House in Coven which just confuses me completely! Like, you DIED and now you're back in Coven playing a DIFFERENT character completely!!?!?!?!? MEH! Anyone else find this with AHS or is just me?! 

The series' third season follows a coven of descendants of the Salem witches in New Orleans as they fight to see who would become the next Supreme, the most powerful witch of them all. 

True to form we have returning actors in Coven who are now playing completely different characters from before including Taissa Farmiga (the daughter from Murder House) who plays Zoe Benson, a young woman who unexpectedly discovers that she possess a rather dangerous and unique supernatural ability. She embarks on spell-filled adventures with fellow witches Madison Montgomery, Nan (who played Adelaide in Murder House!) and Queenie. 

Jessica Lange returns for Coven (she previously played Constance Langdon in Murder House) and so too does Evan Peters who plays frat boy Kyle Spencer - previously starring as Tate Langdon in Murder House.

Having watched all of Coven now I can see where the crossover may occur. You need a certain amount of witchcraft to bring about the likes of the antichrist or in their case the Supreme. At the end of Coven, the house is opened up to witches from all over the way it was supposed to be all along. 


Season 6, Roanoke, is similar to Murder House and Coven is similar to Asylum, could this mean we're likely to see some crossover with characters and storylines for Apocalypse? I hope so because these two were my favourite series by far, especially Coven. I found this one to be the easiest to follow and the storyline as a whole felt more 'real' than any of the others I've seen so far. 

Micheal Langdon, the product of the rape of Vivienne Harmon in Murder House by Tate Langdon, the medium character, played by Sarah Paulson, herself predicted that he would one day ring in the end of days - the last time we saw him he had just killed his adoptive mother's Constance's housekeeper. 

It seems likely that this could be the best way to bring Murder House and Coven together, I mean the antichrist bringing about the apocalypse sounds pretty perfect to me! There is also rumour that Twisty the clown from Season 7 (Cult) could make a reappearance in Apocalypse which, according to series co-creator Ryan Murphy has everything to do with the increase of violence after the 2016 election result, there seemed to be a lot of unease amongest the American public after the result and the tension which was bubbling up under the surface.Twisty embodies all of this and plays on the fears we all have hidden away, whether anybody believes us or not. 

In many ways, American Horror Story plays on our own deepest fears and brings them into the daylight for everyone to see. It's crazy, it's mad, it's most definitely unique but most of all it's wonderful! I have fallen for American Horror Story and I can't see me giving it up any time soon! Bring on Apocalypse! 

American Horror Story: Apocalypse premieres on FOX on 27th September at 10PM.

Catch up with American Horror Story Season 7: Cult, available now on Blu-ray and DVD.

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Love, Sarah

*Big thanks to Fetch PR for sending over the DVDs for me to watch!

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