Testing Out The New Optician's at Marks and Spencers | Launch Day At Vangarde Retail Park, York. | Eye Test & A New Pair Of Glasses.

Friday, 14 September 2018

So it's been a while, about a month since I last blogged. I had so many deadlines to meet and work was beginning to pick up because of the summer holidays that as soon as I published my last review post I put my laptop away and didn't want to see it at all! I guess we all take time off from time to time, it's only natural after all. 

I was also wondering if anybody actually cared about what I blog about and it turns out there were a few people who said they'd miss me if I gave it up so here I am! I am back on the blogging train and not about to give up anytime soon! 

So today I am back with a post all about the new opticians at Marks and Spencers. Launched on 31st August, there are 5 opticians around the country, including York where I went for my eye test. The other locations are Westfield London, Manchester, Derby and Bolton so you should be able to find a store near you! 

The York opticians is located in the Vangarde Shopping Park with easy transport links and plenty of car parking spaces available. There is also a park and ride system in operation so you can leave the car behind and and shop in peace knowing that you don't need to be clock watching whilst shopping or having your eyes tested. 

The M&S Optician's is located on the first floor of the store, at the back near the cafe so you can stop off for a coffee before or after your appointment. The team are friendly and most importantly knowledgeable about everything to do with eye health, the importance of regular testing as well as talking to you before your appointment to gauge the kind of testing you need depending on what medication you're taking, your general wellbeing, the results of your last eye test, your current prescription and any other specific details you tell them about your sight. This short conversation is imperative to understanding what you may be requiring from your test as every test is different and unique to you. 

Using advanced testing technology, including retinal photography they are proud to offer expert eye care advice and an aftercare service second to none. You will receive professional, trustworthy and friendly guidance on all of their testing services, as well as on their range of exclusive frames, lenses and contact lenses.

Depending on your age they may use a machine known as a tonometer which measures the pressure inside your eyes by blowing a gentle puff of air onto them. The pressure inside your eye can be an indication of glaucoma. It is only a problem if any members of your immediate family are affected by it themselves, otherwise if you're young (like me) it's not too much of a worry. It does feel a bit weird but it's over quickly enough. 

The optical assistant then took a picture of the back of my eyes using a digital retinal scanner which gave a detailed overview of my eye as well as allowing the optometrist to check my overall eye health and look for any abnormalities. This took a few takes to get right as I couldn't focus on the green light at the back of the machine which I was looking into.

After these pre-tests I was taken through to wait outside the optometrist's office for my appointment. It had been a busy day and due to an emergency earlier in the day, some of the appointments had been pushed backwards meaning that I had a longer than usual wait for my actual eye test but I was kindly offered a cup of tea whilst I did so which was kind of them. 

When I had my test it was the standard eye test we're all so used to having. Firstly my optometrist tested my natural sight by asking me to read letters off the white board and then focussing on one letter asking me which lens was better 1 or 2. Sometimes this was tricky as they both looked the same or I couldn't decide which was better or worse. This is what I worry about when having an eye test, that I'll get something wrong or give the incorrect answer but it's always best to be honest as your eyesight is so important. The test continued in the same vein, switching lenses and using different slides and lenses for me to identify which was better or worse. 

M&S Opticians have a wide range of frames available from their own branded frames through to designer and children's, all at reasonable prices (M&S own brand starts at just £40) and best of all, you get Sparks points when you purchase! All the team at M&S Opticians are highly trained to the highest standards, delivering nothing but the best care and attention.  

All in all I had a good experience at the new M&S Opticians in York, the only bad thing to mention would be the time I had to wait to be seen. It would've been nice to have been given some notice of the hold up on appointments and so I wouldn't of been waiting around so long. But I'll give them a break on this one seeing as it was launch day and there are always teething problems however well you prepare yourself for them! 

I was very kindly gifted a pair of glasses as I was due a new prescription due to some slight changes in my eyes. I chose a rather stunning pair of purple/pink glasses from M&S own branded sets, as I'd had a long time to try on a lot of pairs! They're completely different to the pair I had previously as they're a lot bigger but I really love them! Wearing glasses can be fun and there are a lot of different styles and frames to choose from these days so go wild, experiment and dare to have #StyleAtFirstSight! 

To book an appointment simply head to their website

Love, Sarah

*Eye test and glasses kindly gifted in exchange for this blog post and social media coverage. 

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