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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Sitting on steps outside the corn exchange in leeds

Hello there, long time no blog, it's been a while and I have no excuses because you know what? This is my blog and if I want to have a break because I had too many deadlines to meet whilst trying to manage the increase in hours at my job due to the summer holidays. I couldn't hack having to sit at my laptop and blog on top of all of this so I simply, didn't. And I'd like to think that other bloggers understand this (especially if they too work full time like me!) and can give me some leeway here! I'd rather take a month off and come back fully refreshed than be forced to produce crap content simply because I'm a blogger and I'm 'supposed' to! 

Anyway, I'm back and have already secured some work for later in the month so I guess I needn't have worried so much about being forgotten about. Sometimes it's good to have a break so you come back refreshed and with more focus. I am certainly ready for the new season, settling down on the sofa watching a new episode of my new favourite show. 

So what have I been doing whilst on this break? Well, to be honest, just trying to stay sane throughout the 6 week break! It can be hard if you work in the hospitality industry to try and maintain somesort of a 'normal' life whilst working full time hours 5-6 days a week! Oh yes, you read that right, I had to *sometimes* work 6 days because some dick decided to be ill or not turn up for his shift so it was muggins here who had to pick up the slack! UGH.

Yeah it wasn't good and I didn't enjoy it one bit but what I did like was the paycheck I received at the end of the month! Not going to have one like that for a little while so I enjoyed it while it lasted (which wasn't long!) and paid for my November trip to Paris plus a few extras. It's always good to get things like this paid off when I can as it means the money I get in the next paycheck can be used for other things, like train tickets to go and stay with my sister, her husband and their dog in October. It also helped to pay for a visit from Blow Ltd for myself and Victoria before the Northern Blog Awards in Manchester! 

I have also been listening to Emma Blackery's new album, Villains. It is just so so good and I can wholeheartedly recommend taking a listen on Spotify if you can. It's full of shade and 'you thought you could do me wrong but here I am proving you wrong' lyrics! I have been a fan of Emma's for a while and loved her last EP, Magnatised which was just as good! You can catch her on Youtube where she has been documenting her journey over the last year so if you you want to listen to her songs, just check her out! 

I would love to do more photoshoots because I have previously enjoyed the ones I have had here in Harrogate and Leeds, there's something about being in a cool location and getting good shots. Whenever I look back at the photos I always smile because I remember the fun I had on location, no matter how I was feeling on the day (either cold or like a fat potato!) I only ever come away with happy memories. They do wonders for my confidence too, almost with every click I can feel only good vibes emanating from the camera. 

I've also been suffering with incredible back pain after doing a cycle on a spin bike to raise money for Macmillan at work. I thought it would be fine but little did I know that I had injured my illiacus muscle (located in the region of my right hip) and would be left in almost constant pain and couldn't even sit still without being in pain. It made EVERYTHING difficult and work became something to get through. I took all the painkillers, had heat packs at the ready and used all of my Pernaton heat gel in an effort to relive the soreness and pain I was feeling. I also started doing yoga on a more regular basis as it really helped to stretch out my muscles and keep my hip open. At this time I booked in for a deep tissue massage with my friend Fiona at Complete Calm Massage Therapy here in Harrogate in an effort to put it to bed once and for all. And it did work, for the 45 minutes I was on the table! As soon as I walked out and picked up my heavy-ish bag it was back with vengeance and worse than ever! 

I could not believe the pain I was experiencing, I had never before had back pain so was unused to it, if I thought it was bad before it ramped up another level. Nothing seemed to be able to ease it, so I had another deep tissue massage with Fiona, this time for an hour, and WOW! Ever since this treatment I haven't had any more pain, it's like it was before it ever happened and I can't thank Fiona enough for her magic hands! I have stretches to do at home to keep my muscles stretched and my hip open. Here's to many more pain free days! 

Sitting on steps outside the corn exchange in leeds

Later on in August/early September I went to the doctor's because I had been feeling tired, lethargic, with little to no energy and almost no desire to anything outside of work. (This was around the time my back pain was at its worst.) I really didn't know what was going on and wanted answers so I made an appointment and waited. Once my appointment came around I told the Dr everything and he suggested that we do a blood test to rule out anything like diabetes, low iron levels, kidney/liver problems, a whole host of things. 

I was anxious about the results in case it was something serious but I needn't of worried so much (in retrospect) as what was actually wrong was low iron levels! I know it seems odd to be happy with this outcome but I was really worried it could have been something even more serious. It's obvious when you think about it because I gave up meat  in September last year and thus wasn't getting a consistent enough dose of iron on the regular. No surprise I was feeling tired all the time with little to no energy! 

Thankfully I am now taking Ferrous Iron Supplements three times a day as my levels were borderline, after taking them for around 3 weeks I am noticing the difference and am awaiting another Dr's appointment to have another blood test to check my levels before going off the tablets completely and then having another blood test to check the difference. I'll probably have to be on some sort of iron supplement for life but it'll be good to see what, if any, difference the ones I've been taking have been making to my iron levels. 

So, what does the future hold for SunshineSarahxo then? Well, I want to do more posts that I want to read, worry less about what other people think and try not to worry myself about keeping up with the other bloggers who continually push us to give up the 9-5 and become either a full time blogger/youtuber/instagrammer or a Social Media Manager, whatever that is!? As much as I moan about my job, (which is a lot!) I can't give it up because I quite like my team-mates and to be honest, I need the security of a monthly paycheck! I like having my blog as a hobby and enjoying some of the opportunities it gives me, i.e. attending events, creating content and receiving products to review. I just want to make changes to the way I do this so that I can enjoy it more and create better content for you and myself also! 

So there you have it, a little round up of what's been going on around here and what's to come. It feels good to be back but I'm not going to promise when my next post will be, otherwise I'll just get annoyed with myself that I didn't meet my deadline! I hope you've enjoyed this post and the others that are to come! 

Let me know what's you've been upto recently, I'd love to hear! 

Love, Sarah 

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