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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Have you ever had life coaching? Ever thought 'why is everyone else seeming to get their life together when I can't even get my beans and toast ready at the same time?!' Yes, me too! 

To say I was sceptical would be an understatement, I had zero idea and really worried that I'd suddenly have to  give up my job, travel to Australia and become a horse trainer! Not that I wouldn't mind doing that of course but I also felt like I just needed some guidance on my life as it is right now, not some pipe dream that would be expensive to carry out. 

That's where Margaret of Be You Braver stepped in. 

My Three Life Coaching Sessions

Gently but firmly she pushed me to talk about my dreams, aspirations and life goals. What was it I really wanted to do? Where did I see myself in 5-10 years time? In total I had three sessions with her and afterwards she kindly emailed me an overview so I could begin to work on myself and my goals; after the first session this was my overview:

  • For next coaching session, you will look at the cost and research of  1 x flight to Queensland Australia/ 1 x Visa, 2 months rent and expenses in Queensland.
  • For the next coaching session, you will research, courses and voluntary opportunities that would give you exposure to animal management/horses

This was because I had talked about wanting to go back to Australia and work with horses so it would only be natural for her to want me to research this and begin to get an idea of costings. I had fun doing this but it soon dawned on that it would be mega expensive for me to undertake! I already knew that to emigrate would be costly, when I looked back in 2013/14 (when I first went to Australia) it would cost at least £10,000! I know right?!

This was definitely one of the barriers we found to me not taking the leap to 'following my dreams'. It's not easy realising this though, because it kind of made go 'oh right, okay then. Guess I should start seriously saving then and fulfil my dream...'. It was a bit overwhelming, to be told by someone that you have to be one of those girlboss women which I was scared about if I'm honest!

But I do have to say that I found Margaret to be really calm, confident, easy to talk to but also firm in drawing out what it was I really wanted from my life. At first I was really nervous about meeting someone new and experiencing life coaching for the first time. It was this new thing which only seemed to be undertaken by business owners, girlbosses, small business owners and those who are ready to make a change in their lives.

After this first session, I was beginning to change my mind.

After my first session I already knew what to expect and had done my assigned homework of looking at the cost of flights Australia, 1 visa, 2 months rent and expenses as well as researching courses and voluntary opportunities that would give me exposure to animal management and horses.

It was beginning to get a bit more real and I was beginning to think I'd actually have to do this, save all my money to disappear off to Australia.

Later on in the session we started talking about things which were out of my comfort zone like heights, fears of things and we came to the conclusion that there's some anxiety around meeting new people.

We also discussed the things that make me happy such as horse riding and blogging , reading and writing and how doing more of these things could well ease my anxieties.

At different times in life I may have different goals and different aspirations and that is OK .

It’s all about striving for something and as long as you are moving forward it's fine.

My Thoughts After Three Sessions

I was really enjoying meeting with Margaret and discussing my dreams, ambitions and thoughts for the future. The exercises we did we fun, interactive and made me think about what was holding me back in my life, where I could improve and what I could do to get myself there. Margaret was the perfect mix of encouraging and kind with the ability to bring out of me the truth about what I wanted in life; she helped me see past the big dreams and drill down to the real parts of my life which were missing before.

I enjoyed meeting with her and discussing my plan of action each week, I felt like I was getting down to the nitty gritty of where my life was going and what I wanted from it. It can be scary, jumping in head first into your dreams, your ambitions and that whole 'the only thing holding you back from living the life you've always dreamed of is you' thing.

I'll admit that's what I thought life coaching would be, setting out your career and personal goals then working on ways to achieve them, I soon realised that indeed the opposite is true. That you don't have to 'have it all' and 'give up the 9-5 to pursue the life you've always wanted' you can just continue in the life you have right now and make small changes which will bring you happiness in the moment.

Yes, there's nothing wrong with dreaming and aiming high but if that's not what you're after you would still benefit from life coaching. If for nothing else than unpicking your life and setting clear goals about what you want to achieve. It can give clarity to a situation which is otherwise muddied, like wiping your glasses clean or opening a window after having a shower!

So, if you're looking for a clear window into your life, I can highly recommened life coaching!

Love, Sarah

*Life coaching given in exchange for this post. All opinions my own.

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