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Saturday, 3 November 2018

Have you ever been at an event and met so many people that when it comes to the end of it and realised you can't remember the names of half the people you met? Or been trying to do your accounts and struggle to work out the VAT on your expenses? Perhaps you want to make better, smarter decisions in your life, whatever worry or anxieties you have I have come across 5 books which are sure to help you in all areas of your life. 

Watkins Publishing was born in 1893 after John M Watkins overheard a fellow scholar lamenting the fact that there was no where in London to buy the books she was interested in. All these years later they remain at the cutting edge committed to publishing books that change lives. 

Now, I'm not the kind of person who usually uses books to improve my memory or my IQ but I have found that as I've gotten older I have found that my memory isn't as good as it was when I was running my own business - where I had to remember not only which dogs I was walking on which days, where they lived, but also invoices, accounts and organise my diary with meetings. So it was a lot to have to remember and manage on a day to day basis!

Nowadays though I have nothing like that in my life any more and as I don't run my own business there's a lot of admin which I don't have to undertake, although saying that, life admin (and everything that comes with blogging!) can still take time and brain power! 

I have been reading these books over the last couple of weeks and have found that my brain has improved and I am better able to remember names, places and also I am currently reading 'Think Smart Act Smart' book by Darren Bridger and David Lewis. I am really enjoying it, I'm finding it is helping me be more confident in my decision making. 

Sometimes as bloggers (and people!) we can struggle in being forthright with our decisions and sticking to what we know is right even though we know we have every right to be paid for our time. This can overflow into other areas of our life and lead us to making better decisions in general life. 

One book which has been hard for me to get into and really take a bite out of is Mastering Numbers By Andrew Jeffery. Mainly because I have always struggled with Maths all my life and I can find it slightly intimidating that almost everyone else can do everything so easily. It's something which has held me back and does make me feel quite ashamed, like I should be able to do this why am I struggling so much? Despite all this though I am working my way though this book, slowly because MATHS!, but getting there! 

The books I have been reviewing are as follows:

Brain Workout by Gareth Moore - £10

"Your mind is what makes you tick, so keeping it in tip-top condition is as important as taking care of your body. By performing mental workouts you can build your brain power and keep your mind alert and agile well into old age. Brain Workout offers a mental gymnasium to keep your brain in trim. Here are dozens of tips for building up your mental muscles, as well as a program of exercises from gentle limbering-up to more complex challenges.
Learn to hone your logical reasoning, number and word skills, pattern recognition, short- and long-term memory, comprehension, creative thinking, problem-solving, and much else besides. The exercises are fun to do and carefully devised to ensure you make progress across the whole spectrum of abilities. Self-testing enables you to assess your performance – you can learn as much from being wrong as from being right!
Working systematically through the book, in no time you’ll be boosting your brain to peak efficiency. Get up to speed with Brain Workout. Stretch yourself to new limits. Give yourself the chance to excel"

"Would you love a higher intelligence rating? Would you like to work your mind to its limits? This book will help you with these aims as well as enhance your reasoning powers and increase your ability to absorb and analyze information. With a range of enjoyable and engaging exercises you’ll soon be boosting your brain to peak efficiency, and you’ll also discover that achieving this goal will bring advantages in all aspects of life – from working out your finances or helping your child with their homework to solving a tricky problem at work or excelling at card or board games. Ron Bracey provides a wealth of techniques for maximizing your IQ, as well as teaching a range of skills to that go beyond IQ, such as using knowledge trees, intelligent mindfulness, timeframe thinking and emotional intelligence. Your mind is there to be used: follow this unique “IQ and smart thinking program” to take it up to its full capacity"

"Do you find names, events and facts reaching the tip of your tongue but going no further? Well help is at hand, memory master Michael Tipper guides you through his tried-and-tested techniques to boost your powers of memorization to astonishing new levels. Warm up by assessing your memory strength and the extent to which you can develop it. Stretch yourself a little more by practising shortcuts to retaining everyday information – such as route directions and simple lists. Work with techniques for remembering birthdays, putting names to faces and vice versa, and giving a word-perfect speech without notes. Finally, perform stunning feats of memory that will amaze yourself and your friends. Make forgetting a thing of the past. By following the wealth of easy techniques presented in Instant Recall your memory will soon be in tip- top condition, and you will find confidence and success"

"Would you like to weigh up a situation and devise a resolution more effectively? Do you want to make decisions confidently and put them into effect with less worry? Would you like to be able to focus exclusively on the issue in hand rather than be distracted by a dozen irrelevant thoughts? Choices we can expect to encounter, from life-changing career moves to the best route to the coast, can expend a lot of time and mental energy if we haven’t learnt the basic skills required for getting things done effectively and decisively.
This book is a basic practical guide to the all-important mental process by which we all live our lives – analyzing a situation, sorting out how to respond to it, and taking action accordingly. We discover how to solve problems and make choices swiftly and satisfactorily, how to reduce mental stress while working under pressure, how to turn bright ideas into positive action. Following the techniques and exercises given here, you’ll soon find you are using your brain more efficiently. Your payback will be in greater confidence and greater peace of mind – which in turn will help your mental processing. Step inside this virtual circle now, and join the blessed ranks of the sorted!"

"We all use numbers every day, yet many people are uncomfortable with them, finding them daunting and difficult. Others treat numbers as a practical tool they can handle quite well, while failing to appreciate their most amazing qualities. This book is the antidote to number-phobia. As with learning to swim, youʼll never look back: these are skills youʼll use for the rest of your life. If you think youʼre good with numbers already, youʼll soon discover what youʼve been missing: the endless fascination and beauty of numbers, and – at the more practical level – a whole range of techniques and shortcuts you never knew existed. Mastering Numbers brings the subject to life, replacing the atmosphere of the classroom with the wonder of the magicianʼs workshop. In learning to enjoy numbers, we discover a multitude of practical skills – everything from understanding statistics and the odds gamblers face to the interest rates on savings and ways to maximise your returns. Never again need you flounder in a business meeting or an encounter with your bank manager – and if the chance arises to chat to him more casually, you could impress with stories about pi, prime numbers, Fermatʼs theorem, and much else besides. Full of enjoyable exercises, puzzles, demonstrations and self-testing interludes, this is a book to instruct and give pleasure."

I can recommend these books to you if you're looking to increase your brain power, your IQ or just have better recall. I have never been good at memory games and can sometimes have trouble remembering names if I've met a lot of people, but with these books I feel like I am slowly improving and that my grey matter is increasing - or at least I hope so! 

I am going to continue reading these books and doing the tests included in the books as I would like to see how much I can improve! 

Are you interested in increasing your brain power?! 

Love, Sarah

*Books kindly supplied by Watkins Publishing in exchange for this review.

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