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Tuesday, 14 May 2019

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After the untimely death of their old college pal, five friends (and one new girlfriend) descend upon the Wisconsin summer home they frequented in their 20s. The creep factor at the cabin is high, with a thumping in the crawl space, blood spurting from the pipes, and a cockroach infestation in the guest bedroom. When a storm moves in, trapping them in the woods, they find themselves faced with the ultimate human dilemma, to kill or be killed, in order to make it to morning. 

My Review:

First up, I thought this film was going to follow the same mundane, usual plotlines as most horror films which are set in an abandoned house miles away from the nearest town, with a storm setting in which then cuts the phonelines and oh look the cars don't work anymore...yeah. Not believable and so predictable! 

So yes, this film does follow that same framework but what it also does is have the actors question their own sanity - like they are only ones who'll see the cockroaches on the bed in the spare room but when another actor comes in, they'll be nothing there? Same with the blood coming out of the taps and seeing people outside of the windows. 

This puts you on edge right from the off and sets the tone for the rest of the film. The group is left to their own devices as they try to deal with everything that's happening and try to figure out just what the hell is actually going on! 

This film is very clever though as it keeps you guessing right until the end as there's a twist that I have to tell you, I didn't see coming! It definitely left me going 'WTF?!' and immediately wanting to rewind the film to see if I could figure it out! I love it when films do that, they keep you guessing right and then a huge twist comes out from nowhere and almost blindsides you! 

You may not agree when you watch it but I have to say, credit to the director here for bringing out every horror film troupe that every film fan will love. It certainly kept me entertained and the fact the friends are that little bit older means that there's going to be more background with them all as they all went to college together and are brought together by the death of their old friend Max. 

What we learn as the film goes on is that Max's wife is as mad as a box of frogs! There's clearly something off with her, more than just being sad about the death of her husband. The college friends all believe that she's just upset but when all the crazy things start happening, they realise that perhaps there's more to her than meets the eye and when one of the group is injured and they need to get to the nearest town, it becomes clear that they were there under false pretenses and have to fight tooth and nail to survive until morning. 

Although this film lacks some of the grippier, darker, more in depth storylines of some of the better, perhaps more successful horror films, it takes you on a ride which makes you question almost everything you know about the friends you made during your formative years in college. Do you really know them as well as you like to think you do? 

If you're interested in finding out what happens at the lonely cabin in the woods, 30 Miles From Nowhere comes out May 27th. 

Love, Sarah

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