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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Another film review for you today - All Good Things from 4Digital Media which tells the story of two city teenagers who are left at their grandparent's horse therapy facility during winter break. Of course it follows the typical line of a film of this genre - the girls resent their mother for leaving them there for 2 weeks whilst she's in Germany for work. They decide they can manage 2 weeks until going to Hawaii but unbeknownst to them they start falling for the place and the horses - as well as their grandparents who are unfortunately in debt and about to lose the farm. 

So the girls do what they do best - use social media to set up a crowdfunding page and get money to save their grandparent's farm. Sadly this doesn't work out but thankfully one of the parents whose son works at the therapy farm is a multi-billion dollar game designer and is able to swoop in and save the day. 

It's a heart warming tale, which at worst is predictable but at best a touching tale about family, love and never forgetting where you came from. I loved it because it reminded me so much of the time I spent in Australia at a horse ranch, learning all about natural horsemanship and getting to train two gorgeous fillies. It was the best time of my life and I learnt so much about myself and about how incredible horses can be as therapy.

The video below shows off all my hard work after working with this particular filly for 6 months. I also produced this video myself with the help of another backpacker who was also working at the same ranch. I always remember this when I'm having a low day and think that I haven't achieved anything in life! 

Horses are amazing judges of character and they'll soon let you know if they have trust in you or not. It may seem scary because let's face it, horses are big animals but honestly, just being in their presence can have an instant calming effect on you and help you overcome whatever challenges you may be facing in your life. There's no rush with horses and they don't mind if you can't do a particular movement, or aren't ready to move further along in your therapy. I certainly found that, as I was learning a completely new way of training horses, that it didn't matter if I made a mistake because the horses themselves were very forgiving. 

"They respond in the moment, giving immediate feedback and they are masters of body language and know how you feel even before you do. They challenge you to reflect upon your own behaviour providing excellent opportunities for problem solving and personal growth."

You don't have to have any experience with horses to actually benefit from their presence - yes they can tell if you mean business or not but what I mean here is that they can pick up on your energy which is reflected back to you. You can then work through it and come out the other side. Horses will always be there for you whenever you need them and I know I always feel better whenever I'm around them or riding around the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside.

Horses As Therapy

Horses being used as therapy can be traced back thousands of years. Their ability to read human emotion and their inherent honesty is perhaps why we look to them so often in times of distress. Whilst a range of animals are well known for being therapeutic horses are becoming well known for their ability to help foster change. 

The earliest recordings of horses being used in physical therapy can be traced back to the early 1950s where they helped people to refine their motor skills in a gentle way. Since then, the unique bond between human and horse has been incorporated into a type of psychological therapy. 

Equine therapy or hippotherapy (from the Greek work word for horse) puts people and horses together along with a therapist in an environment designed to promote growth and learning. Used to help with a variety of mental health issues from addiction to low self-esteem, this therapy type is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. No riding or horse experience is necessary and, in most cases, you will not be required to ride the horse at all.

What happens in an equine therapy session?

There's normally no horse riding involved - so don't panic thinking they'll be asking you to giddy up on your first session! There are various exercises set up which help you think and act in ways you might not have thought of before, these exercises require you to interact with the horse; perhaps leading it over obstacles or in a certain direction. 

This kind of exercise requires a creative way of thinking and may force you to reconsider the way you act, as the horse expert will be there but it will be upto you to decide how the session goes. 

At the end of your session, the therapist will talk to you about your experience, discussing how the exercise made you feel and why you think you were un/successful. This can lead you to learn more about yourself and your behaviour. Over time you may find that you develop a bond with the horse and this in itself can be incredibly powerful. 

My Experiences of working with horses.

When I was in Australia I had the chance to work with a number of horses in several different locations and each with their own problems. It's quite different working with horses who are already trained to horses who haven't ever been near a human. It certainly teaches you respect, patience, it humbles you and also as you go through the process, you begin to learn a lot about yourself too. I know from my own experience that, although a scary prospect, training and working with horses changes you as a person; I now know that I have something to be incredibly proud of - an experience that not many people will have undertaken, never mind completed from a previously wild filly to a fully trained, calm and respectful pony ready to be sold to a new home.

When training horses, they're a bit like a mirror in that everything you do to them will be reflected back upon you - which when dealing with past trauma for example - they can help foster change within you as you work through their training. Their inherent honesty makes them perfect for this. It's so incredible to see a horse change right in front of you and begin to trust you, and not only to do this on a one time basis, but to do so over a long period of time is incredibly humbling. 

I would absolutely love to work with horses again at some point as they're just amazing creatures. To see change in them before your eyes is something I will never forget. 

So as you can see, this film resonated with me on a personal level and brought back some incredibly happy memories for me. Please watch my video above - I am very proud of it and would love to know your thoughts! 

“ALL GOOD THINGS" is out on DVD & Digital 29th July -buy it on Amazon today!

Love, Sarah

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