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Saturday, 7 September 2019

Whether you’re taking a weekend city break or planning an extended trip away from home, making sure your valuables stay safe is likely uppermost in your mind.

Knowing all your hard-earned possessions are safe and sound is a big part of relaxing when you’re on holiday.

Security First

Plan home security well in advance of leaving home. Once you’ve done it the first time, it’s second nature for your next break and won’t take a moment.

Things to think about:

Your insurance: Not just travel insurance, but home insurance. Are you covered while you’re away? It’s worth checking the terms of your policy, especially for requirements such as window locks or alarms.
    Neighbours: Let people know when you’re away and if you can, ask someone to pop in and just make sure everything is okay. 

    Let your neighbours know you’re not expecting anyone, so they’re alerted if they see anyone on your property. 

    If possible, let them know how they can contact you if they need to.
      Your small valuables: Jewellery, collections or heirlooms all fall into this category. They’re often things we could never replace regardless of their actual monetary value. 

      Options include leaving them with friends, installing a safe somewhere in the house, or renting space in a self storage facility.

       Choose a storage locker for a few small treasures so you’re not paying for an entire room if you don’t need one.

      Keep Lists

      Your phone is a handy place to keep lists of all kinds. Having lists of jobs to do also helps keep you organised so you don’t duplicate tasks or spend time worrying if you’ve done everything.

      Handy list items include:

      Pet arrangements, such as kennels and vaccine docs

      Flight times and connections

      The valuables in your self storage unit, and dates of self storage you’ve booked

      Taxi bookings to the airport or your destination transfer to your hotel

      Travel agent contacts

      Car parking and costs if you’re using long stay at the airport

      Important contact numbers for family, friends etc.

      Having lists of mundane tasks helps too. Such as what you need to check one last time before you lock the door and set off. 

      Have you turned all the lights off, or unplugged your hair straighteners? Is the gas off? Are taps turned off properly and windows closed and locked? Is the shed or garage locked up?

      If you’ve ever had those niggling doubts about whether you forgot something or left something running, you’ll know how they can really prevent you from relaxing. 

      Make a list and tick things off as you check them and you’ll never have to fret again.

      Packing Tips

      Some people have the knack of packing light, but it’s not easy. There’s always the temptation to take an item ‘just in case’.

      Pack for your itinerary: Think about what you’re going to be doing.

       City breaks usually mean lots of walking so take comfy shoes. Camping trips probably won’t give you much call for dressy clothes and high heels.
        Pack for your personality: Holidays tend to make us think we can leave ourselves behind for a couple of days or weeks, but actually we can’t. 

        If you’re happiest in jeans and t-shirts at home, you’ll be happiest dressed that way when you’re on holiday too.
          Top tipStart packing early. It gives you time to experiment with different outfits and packing methods, such as rolling clothes instead of folding them.

          Nothing will spoil a holiday faster than worries about home security or having to cart heavy bags everywhere you go. When you plan and pack like a pro, you’ll have the best time possible.

          Now go and have a fantastic trip! 

          Love, Sarah

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