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Monday, 24 February 2020

As the weather has been so atrocious lately and I've been working relentlessly, all I've wanted to do in the time I've not spent at work is watch Netflix. This means I've worked my way through a fair few of the new series/seasons which have made their way onto this much loved subscription service. 

Netflix seems to have become a verb all its own, to describe watching something whilst relaxing on the sofa after work or on a weekend! 

So, with all that being said, here's a list of the shows I've been watching and enjoying recently. I hope you find something new to watch or perhaps agree with me on which shows you are worth your time! 

Locke and Key

This is new to Netflix and if you like watching shows with a bit of a supernatural twist, then this is the show for you! I have now just finished the first season and already want there to be another, which I believe there will be judging by the ending! 

Basically it tells the story of the Loche family who move back into 'Key House' after the death of the father. The house had been in his family for generations and kept a very special secret locked within its walls. 

The youngest boy Brodie is the one who first hears the whispers leading him to locate the keys and figure out into which door they fit. There are many different keys to collect, all of which can do different things and take you to different places. 

The Omega Key comes into play right at the end of season one, the Ghost Key allows the keeper to turn into a ghost and fly away, the Echo Key allows the owner to basically turn into someone completely different (used a lot by the demon - named Dodge) and the Jewellery Box key allows the owner to command anyone to do anything, at will. 

It's an interesting watch and there are twists and turns which lead the family on many an adventure into the world of demons and their father's own dark history with the house, his friends and being 'the keeper of the keys'. 

I really loved this show and for me the kids are the stars of it, all banding together to protect themselves, each other and most importantly, the keys. They fight off a demon who is determined to get all the keys from the Locke family for her own dastardly plans. 

It's an easy watch and the story is told really well, the last episode in particular does this perfectly, wrapping up the story nicely for season two! 


Cheer is a docu-series which follows the Navarro Cheer Squad as they prepare for Nationals. They have won 14 NCA (National Cheer Association) titles in the junior division as well as five Grand Nationals for the highest score of all teams in the competition. 

Cheer is a brutal, humane and transfixing show which expertly captures what these athletes go through everyday. Most people wrongly assume that all cheer leaders do is stand on the sidelines and do a few kicks at half time to entertain the crowds! 

How wrong they are because as Cheer rightly portrays. cheer-leading has come a long long way since the Dallas Cowboys days. They are athletes in their own rights and practice for up to 5 hours everyday in high energy, adrenaline fulled performances which test and push them to their very limits. 

In Cheer we see this as well as how the team all come together to help each other, both off and on mat. We learn all about their preparations for Nationals, what exactly goes in to ensuring their 'full outs' don't have any mistakes in and how they all work together both on and off the mat. We see the team push themselves, mentally, physically and emotionally all for less than 3 minutes on the mat at Nationals! 

It is fascinating, brutal, and at times, hard to watch. The coach, Monica Adams doesn't pull any punches when it comes to getting the very best out of her team, sometimes at the expense of people who desperately want a spot 'on mat.' 

What Cheer gives us, apart from open mouths at some of their tricks, is a true sense of what it means to be part of a team. How these kids, from different backgrounds and hard upbringings all come together to work for each other and themselves. There are arguments, fall outs and more but they all come together at the end to ensure the fifteenth National Title for Navarro.

To them, whether they are on mat or off, all that matters is the team and ensuring they put on the best performance when it matters. It's heart-warming to see and leaves you wanting more. If you haven't already, then today, please watch Cheer and admire these athletes as they perform like nothing else. They are unbelievable and deserve way more recognition than they currently get. 

Sex Education (Season 2)

Sex Education charts the story of Otis, a sexually awkward teenager as he navigates life, love, high school, his mother being a sex therapist and an absent father. He isn't too popular at school and his best friend is openly gay which brings with it a whole host of problems, both in his personal life and at school. 

Season 1 sees Otis start up his own sex therapy, offering sex advice to his school friends (whilst getting paid for it!), offering up what he's learnt from his Mum in exchange for payment. This leads to Otis becoming more popular with everyone - most importantly with the girls. The funny thing is, Otis may well be good at dishing out advice to everyone's sexual problems but when it comes to his own, he finds himself lacking. 

The funny thing with Sex Education, is how it's filmed in the UK but the school is very American! It can be quite confusing, considering it's set in the modern day but takes inspiration from the 1980s in the shows look and feel. 

Of course, you've had to watch the first season to understand the second but basically it's all about teenagers doing what they do best, talking, thinking about and having sex! I feel it's the show that every teenager needs to watch and definitely needs to be shown in schools as their own sex education curriculum finds itself lacking. 

Sex Education covers a multitude of different problems through Otis' therapy sessions with the other students. There are some which we all know about and perhaps have suffered with ourselves, but there are definitely some which require a bit more research and looking into to understand; which Sex Education does really well. 

I can highly, highly recommened this show to everyone, it's a must watch and I am already eagerly awaiting Season 3!

Love Is Blind

This has to be the hottest show on Netflix right now as there are so many people watching it if my Twitter feed is to be believed!! I was told to watch this by one of my managers at work and I am almost ashamed to admit how little time it took me to watch all current episodes! 

If you've seen Married At First Sight on Channel 4 then you'll already have an idea about the premise of this show. It's set in America and takes six men and women into a house where the only way they can communicate is through a wall in special 'pods'. 

They spend ten days in this way, getting to know one another in a speed dating style, trying to find 'the one' for them. It seems crazy when couples are saying I love you after less than 3 days! 

At the end of this ten days, there are proposals and meetings. They only see each other once they're engaged and go on holiday together to Mexico to see if they're really compatible before planning their wedding and of course, meeting the family! 

What the couples don't know, is that all of them are headed to this same resort so have the chance to meet the ones they turned down! This could lead to some pretty awkward conversations during dinner! 

After Mexico, they all return to America and move into the same apartment complex to try living together before their respective weddings. For me, this is where it starts to get real as you may fall in lust with someone at first sight, but what happens when you have to actually live with them, pick up their dirty laundry and learn all their quirks!? 

It's only at the weddings that we get to know whether each couple will say 'I do', all episodes are leading up to this point and we're all left on a cliff hanger with the first couple standing at the altar, about to say 'I do!'.

All episodes leading up to this point are already on Netflix, ready to watch, but from this point onwards, they're coming out weekly so it's a tense watching waiting to see what happens! I love it so much I can barely wait until Thursday to find out what happens! 

If you're a fan of cheesey American based reality then this is for you! Watch it with your girlfriends, argue about who's the better man/woman, who should've ended up with's perfect for water cooler gossip! 


Another show recommended to me by my manager at work! 

I had seen this previously advertised on Netflix, but I didn't give it much attention as I was watching other shows, but wow! I really should have watched it sooner because it is by far, one of the BEST shows there is to watch on Netflix!

I don't say that lightly, because there's plenty of Netflix shows on offer, but there's just something about Power which just draws you in. Perhaps because it's so slick, that it's so different from Narcos or Breaking Bad. 

Patrick St James, otherwise known as Ghost, is a nightclub owner in New York City and with his business partner and old friend Tommy, they run one of the biggest drug cartels in NYC. 

Power has been praised for its pacing, atmosphere and acting. It is gritty, dark, gripping and at times deep and disturbing. It is one of those shows which dedicated fans have been banging on about for years, only for everyone else to have caught on four seasons in! 

James St Patrick, played by Omari Hardwick, is a beautiful man who wants to better his life and for it to mean more than just being a drug lord who launders his money through his new nightclub, Truth. But his wife Tasha and business partner Tommy aren't too happy about this and do everything in their power (ha!) to prevent James from leaving. 

There's so much to love about this show, from the gritty storylines, to the characters, to the pumping soundtrack, written and performed by 50 Cent (who also is the executive producer and stars in Power!). 

If you haven't already, I urge you to watch Power and get hooked by its intelligent storylines, deceitful goings on and sexy stars. Just don't blame me if you get instantly hooked and want to watch all 6 seasons in one sitting!

OK, well I think that wraps it up for now, I hope you've perhaps found some new shows to watch on our favourite subscription service! Please let me know if there's anything else you'd like me to review - which shows have you been loving recently?

Thanks for reading guys! 

Love, Sarah

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