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Monday, 20 July 2020

Sarah leaning towards the camera smiling wearing a white dress

AD - post contains PR products all opinions are mine and mine alone! 

Yes, I've been at it again, ordering more clothes from Femme Luxe! But this time I don't have any loungewear or slogan tees in sight! Instead, I've decided to try out their dresses. 

Notoriously, brands like this only ever model their dresses on slim girls who aren't over a size 10 and guaranteed to make you click off their site faster than deleting an email which starts 'Dear Blog Name!'

Anyway, having had experience with Femme Luxe on two occasions now and getting to know their sizing I'm more than happy to give their dresses a go seeing as I could get them in a size 14/16. 

I've chosen dresses which I believe would look good on my midsized body - and also ones which actually came in above a size 12! To be honest there wasn't much choice there but I wanted to give them a go to see how they really fit. 

After all, wouldn't it be nice to see these dresses actually modelled on a real body, rather than some stick thin model who probably doesn't even look like the model in the photo! 

Though this isn't a post bashing Femme Luxe - going into it we all know what kind of company they are, but rather one which highlights just how excluded some midsize/plus sized women can feel whilst shopping both on the high street and online. 

Femme Luxe Dresses

Beige One Shoulder Ruched Slinky Midi Dress - Savannah - 16 

Sage Mesh Overlay Long Sleeve Mini Dress - Mensa - 14 

White Belted Bodycon Midi Dress - Angelica - 16

Black Bardot Cowl Neck Ruched Midi Dress - Malia - 16

I am hopeful that the Black Bardot Cowl Neck will fit at least and perhaps the white Belted Bodycon Midi Dress. The other two, not so much but I'm trying to get past the whole ' bodycon midi dresses aren't meant for a mid size body' rhetoric. 

Sarah wearing a green dress smiling towards the camera

Sarah wearing a black dress she is standing with her back to the camera she is looking over her shoulder and smiling with her eyes closed

Sarah is wearing a beige dress she is standing making a heart over her stomach and looking down at them

Sarah is sat on her bed in a white dress looking at the camera and smiling

As you can see from these photos, the dresses themselves don't look too bad! The black and beige ones fit really well, the white and the green are a bit shorter/don't fit exactly as they should with actually the green one actually being extremely short! 

The white dress is quite see through too but I'm sure I could solve that by wearing a nude slip underneath it. 

I'm not sure where I'll wear any of these dresses but I'm going to keep them in my wardrobe to see if any event comes up where they might be appropriate! 

How Do They Fit A Mid Size Body?

Sarah is stood with her back to the camera she is wearing a beige one shouldered dress

Sarah is wearing a beige dress she is standing making a heart over her stomach and looking down at them

Ok so this beige one shouldered ruched dress is definitely one of my favourites out of the bunch, with the black bardot cowl neck ruched dress being a close second. They're both long dress which is a nice change  they'll both look good with heels on a night out. 

The ruching on both of these dresses help to conceal my lumps and bumps - although I'm trying to become happier with my stomach it's still my problem area. Especially after spending 4 months in lockdown I don't look as good in these dresses as I probably would have done pre-Covid! 

Anyway, with that being both of these dresses I can slowly become more confident whilst still looking good. The tie on the beige dress perhaps should be worn at the front to give more definition to it - the same with the white belted bodycon midi dress. But like with all of these fashion 'rules' they're there to be broken so I'm being a rebel and tying mine at the back! 

Sarah is stood with her back to the camera showing the ties to the dress with her hand underneath them

Sarah is sat on her bed in a white dress looking at the camera and smiling

I'm not sure if white looks good one me or not, I fear it may wash me out but I'm here giving it a go and seeing how it looks. My mid-sized body isn't perhaps the body they had in mind when designing this dress but you know what? I'm going to say it looks good on me here and I should absolutely find an occasion to wear it! 

I do need to find a nude slip to wear underneath it as unfortunately the quality means it's quite see through and no-one needs to see my Bridget Jones knickers! I just need to get one which fits underneath without adding bulk or VPL! Marks and Spencers here I come! 

Also, on me it does seem as though the material gathers at my chest and doesn't give me much of a cleavage but with a bit of adjusting I'm sure I could give myself one! Perhaps I could wear it off the shoulder? 

Okay, so the black bardot cowl neck ruched dress makes me feel like a movie star at an Oscar's awards ceremony!! I love the fit of it but those sleeves are annoying as hell! I can't decide if they should be worn on the shoulders or left to dangle on my arms!? Either way they're not long for this dress because I'm going to cut them off! 

Sarah is wearing a black dress she is stood side on to the camera smiling and has one foot raised she is also wearing black heels

A little bit of DIY never hurt anyone and sometimes we have to get creative with dresses to ensure they fit our mid sized bodies, even if the label says they will! This dress actually has a sewn in slip underneath which is a saving grace and means I don't need to wear my own! 

It's easy to put on and the cowl neck adds definition to an otherwise plain black dress. I can imagine wearing this to a fancy blogging event or perhaps to a Christmas party? With the way this year's going we may as well start to get excited now because that damn virus stole away the first half of our year! 

Sarah is stood up wearing a black dress with one hand on her hip she is smiling at the camera

Sarah is stood with her back to the camera wearing a black dress her head is turned over her shoulder and her eyes are closed she is smiling

OK so now onto this sage mesh overlay long sleeved dress and my least favourite of the bunch. If there was going to be a dress which WASN'T mid size friendly, this would be it. There's one sleeve which is tighter than the other, it's too short for my body and it doesn't look good when I wear a nude bra. 

Sarah is wearing a sage green dress she is leaning towards the camera with one hand on her chest she is smiling

Sarah is wearing a sage green dress she is leaning towards the camera smiling

I like the colour of this dress, I love the back and how sheer it is and the opening at the top with a button closure. But that's where the positives end because for me, this dress just doesn't really do anything for me. It's a size 14 but it's a small 14 and would perhaps look/feel better in a 16 but unfortunately the sizing ends at a 14. 

I suppose for brands like Femme Luxe, it's easier to expand a size 8/10/12 into a size 14/16 without so much as placing the material onto a mid sized body to see how it actually fits! This is why I wanted to do this post, to show you how these dresses ACTUALLY fit on my body and not on the models on their website! 

I'm not sure what I'll do with this, perhaps I'll keep it and see if there's an occasion where a dress like this would be appropriate - with tights though because there's no way I'd go without whilst wearing this! 

Sarah is wearing a sage green dress she is stood in front of her bed with one hand on her hip

My Final Thoughts

Ok so I suppose the final question has to be would I recommened Femme Luxe as the place to be for outfit wear if you've a mid sized body? Well, to be honest no. Despite the fact that 3 out of the 4 dresses I showed here do fit my body and 2 of them are firm favourites, if you're wanting supportive, inexpensive dresses which make you feel incredible then I'd suggest any number of the other fabulous shops on the high street or online. 

Sarah is sat on her bed looking down towards her hands where she is holding the remote for the tripod

The quality, the fit, the price, all of these factors come into play here and I can't sit here and send you off to their website knowing how their dresses fit. That would be my integrity gone. 

So with that being said, their loungewear is perfect for a midsized body and I would definitely recommend them for that! You may see these pictures over on my Instagram - so why not follow me and let me know your thoughts on them! 

Love, Sarah

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