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Hello and Welcome to SunshineSarahxo, here I like to share my life with you as a 30 something woman navigating life, with posts focussing on mental health, midsize fashion, self-care routines and my life a vegan.

I've travelled to Australia, trained wild horses, slept in swags under the stars, cooked on gas stoves, hiked to natural pools, spider walked over a waterfall and more, but now I'm in beautiful Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

So it's my aim, as a blogger to help you as best I can with everything that life throws at you. I've suffered with social anxiety, depression and brain fog so I have some idea how difficult it can be. I'm here as a shoulder to lean on, someone to share your problems with and try to navigate you in the right direction.

If you're after midsize fashion then I'm here to give you an idea of how some high street clothes look on a body like mine. I've been through the ringer with my weight/body shape but I'm finally in a place where I'm happy with how I look so it's with this in mind that I share with you my latest purchases, with a good slice of body confidence along the way!

I went vegan in January 2019 and have been documenting my journey ever since, so if you're thinking about changing your lifestyle then I'm here to offer my advice, support and best vegan finds with you! I'm still learning myself so I'm by no means an expert but I'm hoping you'll be interested in my vegan food posts and want to try some of the recipes for yourself!

All my contact details are below, so feel free to send me a tweet or catch me on Instagram! 


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