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10 Independent Pubs to Visit in Yorkshire

I love visiting local pubs- and there's something so fantastic about going to a local independent pub for a bit of food and a couple of drinks. There are so many incredible independent pubs to check out in Yorkshire!

Whether you need to find the perfect watering hole after your village walk or you're visiting a new city in Yorkshire, there's something for everyone in this fantastic county.

I've lived in Harrogate for 6 years now, and I'm happy to say that I've been enjoying the pub delights of Yorkshire ever since I moved here.

There are many hidden gems that are so close to home for me, including local, friendly independent pubs that are well-worth a visit.

In this post, find out about 10 amazing independent pubs to visit in Yorkshire. Each and every one of these pubs will offer the perfect Yorkshire experience, including delicious food and all the pints you could want.

1. Clarendon Inn, Hebden

This pub is a lovely country pub in Hebden. The Clarendon Inn serves delicious food, and most of their meals are sourced from within 3 miles of the pub. They want to show off the joys of Yorkshire to loyal locals or tourists!

The Clarendon Inn has good food, beer and great wine- and it will cater to everyone.

This truly is a hidden gem to visit in Yorkshire. You can even stay in one of their cute rooms if you need somewhere to rest for the night.

2. The Grindstone, Sheffield

The Grindstone is a fantastic pub in the heart of Sheffield. It serves a wide range of craft and regular beer, as well as plenty of classic wine, spirit and cocktail options. They host regular karaoke nights, as well as screening the football and welcoming local bands to play.

There's something for everyone- and their food is also delicious! From snack bites to full meals, the food at The Grindstone is tasty and you always get hearty portions for your money.

This pub has a classic vibe, playing fantastic music and catering to lots of different customers, including students, young professionals, families and older customers. Everyone is welcome!

3. The Fountaine Inn, Yorkshire Dales

The Fountaine Inn is a very pretty place to enjoy a pint or two!

Situated in the Yorkshire Dales, this pub prides itself on offering fresh and delicious pub food to people across Yorkshire.

This Inn has amazing views of the Yorkshire Dales, including babbling brooks, expansive fields, gorgeous trees and wildlife.

I have it on good authority that their Fish Friday special is fantastic- although of course I've not tried it myself!

4. Traveller's Rest, Harrogate

The Traveller's Rest is a fantastic place to go for a meal and a pint. All of their food options are super tasty, including a brunch menu and new dishes to keep everything fresh for regulars.

This pub is on the edge of Crimple Valley, and it dates back to the middle of the 17th century, adding a bit of history and tradition to your pub trip.

You can see amazing views of the Valley, and this independent pub is well worth a visit this Autumn season.

5. The Fox and Hounds Inn, Sinnington

The Fox and Hounds is in Sinnington, a village in the heart of North Yorkshire. It is a beautiful place to enjoy a drink, and the whole place is decorated to be as welcoming, warm and cosy as possible.

This is the perfect place to visit during the Autumn months, including beautiful fireplaces where you can enjoy a coffee, a cup of tea or even a drink or two. It is the ultimate local independent pub to check out after a chilly Autumn walk.

6. The White Lion Inn, Cray

The White Lion Inn is a beautiful spot to enjoy a delicious meal and a fabulous drink with friends or family.

Situated in Cray, a village close to Harrogate, this pub has a restaurant, bar and free WiFi for all of its guests.

You can come to the White Lion Inn for a quick pint, or stay over in one of their adorable rooms.

If you've just taken an atmospheric tour of the Yorkshire Dales and you need some refreshment, this is the place to come!

7. The Mitre, Knaresborough

The Mitre is an independent pub in Knaresborough, Yorkshire. It is near to the train station, so if you're early for your train and you fancy a quick pint- this is the pub to go!

This pub prides itself on serving delicious, high-quality food to the people of Knaresborough- and it's well-worth a visit if you're in the area.

8. The Old Bell Tavern, Harrogate

This is another Harrogate favourite for me and my family! The Old Bell Tavern serves good food, beers, wine and it even has a function room if you're hosting a private party.

Whether you love a good pint or you want to sample some local wine, this is a classic pub for all tastes.

There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options at this pub too, which I love!

If you're looking for a typical pub atmosphere and food you'll love, The Old Bell Tavern is the place to come.

9. The Bull Inn, West Tanfield

This Yorkshire pub is an old traditional country inn right on the banks of the River Ure. The pub garden is right on the river so this is a great place to check out if you fancy an outdoor pint in good weather.

I love visiting pub gardens when the weather is nice, and the Bull Inn is one of my all-time favourites.

Another thing I love about this pub is the fact that dogs are always welcome!

10. Royal Oak, Dacre Banks

I love this pub! It has such a classic feel to it. As a traditional 18th century Yorkshire Dales Inn, this place is steeped in history- and it is perfect for a drink, a bit of food and some gorgeous photographs.

This pub also hosts regular events for locals and people visiting the Yorkshire Dales.

For me, their large gin collection is fantastic- I really recommend checking out the Royal Oak if you're ever in Yorkshire!

We all have our favourite places to eat, drink and be merry! From independent cafés to atmospheric pubs, Yorkshire has got a bit of everything- and I love exploring the hidden gems across the towns and villages near me.

Have you visited any of these pubs? Do you love trying out new independent pubs to visit?

Let me know!



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