2021 Christmas Gift Guide

AD- This post contains some items that were gifted to me. All images and opinions are my own.

I don't know about you, but I think we're all still reeling from 2020 a bit- so I can't believe another Christmas is almost here! Soon enough it'll be the end of the year... which is just crazy to think about.

This year, I've been so lucky to receive a few fantastic products from companies I love, and I have so many fun little products that I think would make the perfect gift for someone in your family or friendship group this year.

I love all of these products, and I've tried to make sure this year's gift guide gives you a great range of fun, useful products, sustainable choices, and vegan presents for this very special occasion.

In this Christmas Gift Guide for 2021, I hope you'll find the perfect gift for someone you love this year!

The Clear Confidence Company's Plant Based Shaving Brush

The beauty and fashion industry can be a nightmare for the environment- and shaving is no different. The Clear Confidence Company has the perfect solution! They have a fantastic plant-based range to help all those who shave do so sustainably.

The Clear Confidence Company's plant based shaving brush is 100% plastic-free, and I really recommend checking this out for your loved one this Christmas, as it is a great way to protect the environment while enjoying a good shave!

This plant based shaving brush costs £14.97- a pretty good deal for saving the environment!

WILD Deodorant

I love WILD deodorant and this case is a fantastic gift for someone this Christmas. You can also buy delicious smelling toffee apple refills, which will leave you dry and smelling perfect for Christmas.

I'd been hearing so many good things about this product online and via Instagram and I can confirm it is fantastic!

It might seem a bit strange to buy deodorant for Christmas, but with sustainable beauty becoming more and more popular- and necessary- this is a relevant and fantastic gift for anyone who likes to look out for the environment. It also smells AMAZING!

WILD deodorant costs £25 for a case and 3 refills, and I also have a 20% off code for you to use on the website: SARAHTOFFEE (expires on 30th November)

Balance Afya Chocolate Making Kit

The Balannce Afya Chocolate Making Kit is a fun gift for your loved one this Christmas, and you can enjoy making chocolates with friends, family, or your partner as a fun Christmas Day activity.

I love that you can choose what you put into your chocolates, and Balannce Afya gives you the chance to make the present of chocolate a little more unique this year!

This kit costs £19.99 and includes everything you need to create lots of delicious treats.

Paper Bag Co. Foodie Photo Bag

I love the Instagram Bag from Paper Bag Co., and this fantastic company come up with beautiful and fun bag ideas for any interest! The Instagram Bag comes with everything you need to take perfect pictures of your food when you're out and about, including postcards with photography tips, and backdrops to use when taking pictures of your food.

This is a great gift for an avid photographer, or just someone who loves to snap pictures on the go.

This bag is £39.95, including postage.

Cotton Bag Co. Selfie Bag

The Selfie Bag from Cotton Bag Co. is very similar to the Foodie Photo Bag- except this one helps you take the perfect selfie!

I love the design on this bag, and it is full of useful bits and pieces- such as a selfie stick, and an LED ring light to capture your favourite moments.

You can order one of these bags for just £27.95!

Aqua Planet Sports Waterproof Bag

The Aquaplanet Waterproof Bag is a great choice for any swimmers in the family! I love that this bag is fully waterproof, and if offers avid swimmers the chance to use a bag they love, without worrying about all their stuff getting wet.

This waterproof bag is a practical backpack, and it is the perfect Christmas gift for those who love swimming or live near the beach.

This bag is £69.99, currently down from £89.99.

Planet Doughnut- Vegan Doughnuts!

I LOVE Planet Doughnut so much! They have a fantastic range of delicious doughnuts, for sale across the UK. All of their doughnuts are hand-finished in Shrewsbury, and this company has a local, small business feel that I love.

But my favourite thing about Planet Doughnut is that they have a range of Vegan Doughnuts, making sure everyone can enjoy their tasty treats. I recommend Planet Doughnut for any vegan doughnut lovers who would appreciate a delicious Christmas delivery.

A box of doughnuts costs from £21.00- a great deal for the tasty treats they offer!

Masha Hasel Handbags- Azura Contrast Colour Crossbody Bag

Masha Hasel Handbags are one of my favourites, and I recently got the Azura Contrast Colour Crossbody Bag in yellow. It's bright, and goes with all my colourful outfits. If you have someone in your family or friendship group who loves fashion or handbags, Masha Hasel is the place to go for a wide range of different designs and colours.

The Masha Hasel Handbag I received costs just over £42.

If you're looking to buy a Masha Hasel Handbag for your loved one, I have a code for 20% off. Just type SUNSHINESARAH20 at the checkout and get your discount! This expires at the end of November.

South African Sugarcane Gin- UMODZI

Umodzi Gin is an African gin, containing a wide range of lovely flavourings, including mango and ginger. Inspired by African heritage and a message of unity, this gin is an authentic African gin, available across the world.

I love gin, and I love the fact that this gin combines flavours and ideas from across the continent, resulting in a delicious drink.

One bottle of this gun costs £40, and it is a top-quality, delicious drink for any gin lovers.

Dolma Vegan Fragrances

Dolma create gorgeous vegan and cruelty-free perfumes and aftershaves- and I love that they let people buy beauty products they love, with values that match your own.

Their fragrances are also free from palm oil and parabens, and I love the wide range of beautiful scents they offer- perfect for anyone this Christmas.

You can get a small Dolma fragrance for as little as £3.50, but their more expensive range goes all the way up to £69.95.

NOMO Vegan Chocolate