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3 Tips to Find the Perfect Wedding Look this Winter

AD- This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

If you're heading to a wedding this Winter, you might be finding it hard to pick out the perfect outfit.

For the couple getting married, this is one of the biggest days of their life- and the wedding dress, suit or other outfit is a big part of this special day.

If you're attending a wedding as a guest, you'll also want to pick out a great outfit for all those wedding photos. Above all, you need to be comfortable, stylish and feel your best for the big day!

In this post, I've put together a few tips to find the perfect wedding look this Winter. Whether you're getting married soon or you're a special guest, I hope you find this helpful!

1. Think about your individual style

It doesn't matter if you're the bride, groom, bridesmaid or a regular guest- you need to think about your individual style when picking our your ideal wedding look this Winter.

Just because wedding dresses are usually white, that doesn't mean you have to wear a traditional look. You could go for something a little more unique, or not wear a dress at all. It's completely up to you!

Above all, it is important to feel comfortable, as a guest or the bride. You might be wearing the most fashionable dress ever, but if you feel uncomfortable, it could spoil the day a little.

Think about what makes you feel good about yourself!

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, many brides like to choose them for the big day. However, you could speak to the bride about your favourite styles in advance, to make sure you get to wear something that makes you feel comfortable!

2. Do a bit of research

As with any big event, it is important to do a bit of research before you put together your perfect wedding Winter look.

Take the time to research any trends, and check out lots of different options before you make a final decision.

If you're a guest, speak to the bride and groom beforehand, to make sure you follow any specific conventions at their wedding.

You could check out sites such as Ever Pretty UK for a bit of wedding inspiration, whether you're the bride or a guest.

3. Don't forget your coat!

If you're looking for the perfect wedding Winter look, don't forget your coat!

Even though most weddings will be inside at this time of year, you need to stay warm on your way there and back- and you don't know how cold the Church, hotel or party venue will be.

Choose a coat or jacket that adds to your outfit. Just because you need to wear layers, it doesn't have to take away from your outfit- and there are lots of amazing Winter options for couples and guests.

How do you prepare your outfit for a big event? What do you think of my tips to find the perfect wedding look this Winter? Let me know!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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