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3 Winter Jackets You Need to Have in Your Wardrobe

This year promises to be a freezing winter. We might even get a snow day or two, but you need to prepare for the chill.

Your winter clothing starts with a suitable jacket. This needs to be something you can wear outside and block out the cold- preferably with waterproof properties too.

If you’ve ever tried shopping for a

jacket, you’ll know it can be pretty challenging as there are so many varieties out there. To help you make your decision, here are the only three winter jackets you need to consider!

Puffer Jackets

A stylish staple to put on when the temperature drops by a few degrees. Puffer jackets get their name as they look all puffed up. This is because they contain insulative materials, giving them added warmth.

They are very effective at blocking out a lot of the cold air when you’re outside. Plus, you have items like these Police jackets that are extremely stylish and well-fitted.

The only possible downside to puffer jackets is that they’re not always 100% waterproof.

Some puffer jackets might be able to withstand a rain shower or some snowfall, but a lot of them will only be water-repellant and provide protection in a light drizzle.


Some people consider the parka to be the grandfather of all winter jackets. It comes with a hood and is usually lined with some sort of fur.

Obviously, it is better to pick a cruelty-free parka that uses faux fur. They were originally made for people hunting out in the Arctic, so you know they are designed to keep you warm.

Unlike puffer jackets, parkas are typically very waterproof. You could wander through a snow shower or some heavy rain and still feel dry underneath this jacket.

These days, they also come in a whole host of varieties and styles.

Trench Coat

As the name suggests, these winter jackets were originally worn in the trenches. You have to go back to World War I to see the first versions of the trench coat, offering soldiers some relief from the cold and wet. These days, they are way more stylish and less military.

A big benefit of a trench coat is that it is very long and can stop below your knees, keeping your legs nice and protected from the cold too.

They’re also arguably the most fashionable winter jacket out there, but they don’t come with hoods.

This is the type of jacket you might wear when going out and you only need something to throw on while waiting for the train or a taxi. If you plan on heading out in bad weather, put something else on instead.

Are you looking for a new winter jacket? If you can only buy one, go for the parka or puffer jacket. These two options are definitely the most versatile and weatherproof.

A trench coat is still very effective at keeping you warm, but you will need an umbrella if you’re going out in the rain.

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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