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4 Nature-Inspired Trips To Try In The UK

Nature can grab the heart and fill the soul with good vibes. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city; the UK is hiding a whole bunch of natural wonders just waiting to be explored.

Moreover, research indicates that getting cosy with nature is like a spa day for your mind and soul.

So, prepare to learn about four fantastic trips across the UK that promise epic wildlife and nature encounters.

Get active in the Cotswolds

Imagine rolling hills that look like they’ve been plucked straight out of a storybook, adorable villages radiating cosiness, and meadows that could make you forget to breathe.

Welcome to the Cotswolds. Lace up those hiking boots and get ready to conquer the Cotswold Way, a 102-mile trail leading you through ancient woodlands, limestone grasslands, and valleys that make you wonder if you’ve entered a different dimension.

And here’s the kicker - while you’re out there, keep your peepers for wildlife: badgers, deer, and birds.

You’re in for a treat if you seek a kid-friendly trip. This place is also kid-friendly, so feel free to consider this.

Hike Wainwright’s Coast-to-Coast

Wainwright's Coast-to-Coast is ideal if you’re itching for an adventure that’s wild, challenging, and promises total immersion.

This one is a 192-mile trail that stretches across northern England, and it’s the stuff of legends. You can expect to see craggy mountains, serene lakes, and dense forests that’ll make you feel like you’re in a fairy tale.

And as you’re out there exploring, keep your senses on high alert for some surprise wildlife encounters.

You may see red squirrels that’ll give you a friendly wave in the Lake District and graceful deer that’ll mesmerise you in the North York Moors.

Explore the Isle of Wight

Welcome to the lovely diamond-shaped treasure off the south coast of England. The Isle of Wight has something for everyone to enjoy, including picturesque villages, busy towns, historic sites, and even dinosaur footprints to explore.

Whether travelling with your family, alone, or on a romantic getaway, this destination has you covered. You can also explore this eco-friendly paradise in your own unique manner.

Moreover, the gastronomic scene on the Isle of Wight should not be taken lightly, so keep this in mind.

You’ll find it here whether you’re looking for gourmet dining or a slice of cake with a cup of tea. So, without hesitation, consider this amazing destination.

Whale watching in North Yorkshire

Whale watching in North Yorkshire is an experience that’ll excite you. The North Sea might look calm and cool, but a world of wonders is beneath its surface.

If your peepers are sharp enough, you might spot some dolphins, seals, and even those magnificent minke whales that call these waters home.

So, make a beeline for the historic town of Whitby and don't miss out on a whale-watching tour.

Get up close and personal with these majestic creatures, and brace yourself - the sheer awe of witnessing this event will leave a lasting memory.

Have any of these nature filled escape inspired you? Have you seen a whale in British waters before? Let me know below!

Love, Sarah


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