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5 Alternative Ideas to a Resort Holiday

a beach holiday with two parents and child

Resort holidays can be fun, but there’s no reason to go with a conventional idea instead of thinking outside the box.

Why not consider an alternative summer holiday that offers you more flexibility, creativity and the chance to make unique memories, instead of a conventional resort holiday that delivers sun, sea and sand?

Here are 5 alternative ideas to a resort holiday.

Road Trip

There’s time for a resort holiday, and there’s time for something different. A road trip is certainly something different and it offers a degree of flexibility and creativity that’s hard to find with conventional holiday ideas.

If you don’t have an RV or vehicle, don’t worry, you can hire one.

a camper van in the Grand Canyon

Road trips tend to be staycations giving you a chance to explore your local area in depth, but you don’t have to stay on home soil.

If you fancy, you can book yourself onto a ferry and visit another part of the continent or an archipelago. Road trip holidays are also very cost-effective.

Wellness Retreat

One of the main reasons people take a vacation in the summer is to revitalise their well-being, but often that means following conventional ideas about what it means to unwind and relax.

Sure, you might enjoy a beach holiday, but does it really hit the mark for your overall well-being?

a spa experience

The truth is, you won’t know unless you try something different, like a wellness retreat. Then you have something to compare the beach holiday with, and you can make a more informed decision in the future.

Check out the best European health spas for top wellness break ideas.

Hiking Holiday

People who find relaxation in activity will adore a hiking holiday. Hiking holidays are pre-planned excursions into the hills or mountains in your chosen area.

A hiking holiday is ideal for singles, couples, families and groups of friends. Hiking holidays can also take place at home or abroad.

people hiking in the fields

These holidays are excellent for health and well-being. Getting out into the hills gives you access to fresh air and offers regular exercise for your holiday.

Activity is a form of relaxation because it releases endorphins that make you feel happy. Hiking holidays are also fun to plan.


If you're the adventurous type, you might enjoy a backpacking holiday. There is a conventional view that backpacking is only for students and young people, but that's not the case at all.

Backpacking holidays are suitable for any age group as long as you're flexible!

A person with a backpack looking out at cliffs and rocks

Some of the best places for backpacking holidays include Europe, North America and Asia.

South America is also an excellent and interesting place to visit with a partner or a family. As with most summer holidays, the more planning you put into the backpacking holiday, the better.

Cruise Holiday

If you want to blend a resort holiday with a global adventure, you should consider a cruise holiday.

Cruise holidays are comfortable but different. They also give you a chance to visit exotic parts of the world with less planning and less effort.

A cruise ship

You can find some amazing cruise holidays online!

Do you have any holidays planned this Summer? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxo

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