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5 Easy Eco Swaps for Your Bathroom

Over the last year or so I’ve made some simple swaps in my bathroom which made me wonder, why didn’t I do this before?

There are so many new products on the market now that deciding to switch to all natural beauty beauty products and of course cleaning products too, is easier than ever.

Cotton Rounds

This was the first switch I made. Using cotton wool rounds to remove make up and nail varnish adds up eventually, so I bought some reusable cotton rounds off Etsy and started using them.

I was delighted to find that they did a great job at removing make up as the other ones did. I’ve since bought other, bigger ones with pandas on and these too are great for what I use them for.

Period Pants

I made the switch to period pants over a year ago and I haven’t looked back since. At first, the idea of wearing a pair of knickers with an in built sanitary towel in makes you baulk, let me explain that there is no way you can leak whilst wearing them.

A heavy pair can last well over 8 hours and are designed to be worn overnight. Of course, it helps if you have an idea of your flow before venturing into the world or reusable period products, but I went straight in and had no problems whatsoever.

I know that my period lasts for 4 days, the first and last being the lightest and the middle days being my heaviest days. Therefore, I know that I need a light pair at the beginning of my cycle and then a couple of heavy pairs followed by another light pair. In total I have about 8-10 pairs which I cycle through each month and they last me perfectly.

I promise you that there’s nothing to be scared of. In fact the total opposite is true, you’ll actually embrace your flow and be grateful that you no longer have to worry about dryness and irritation caused by tampons and sanitary towels!

Plus, there’s the added benefit of saving thousands going to landfill each year!

Cotton/Reusable Sanitary Towels

Alongside period pants, I’ve also been using cotton sanitary towels. These are helpful if you’re used to using the disposable kind and aren’t quite ready to make the leap to period pants or mooncups.

I’ve two different kinds and I’ve found the ones from City and Sea to be the most comfortable.

Just like the ones you’re used to, there are different sizes to suit your flow.

Long ones for night time, shorter ones for daytime and even panty line sized ones, for those days when you feel you may benefit from wearing something to protect your best knickers!

Natural Deodorant

This, to me, is a relatively new swap but one I’d gladly make again and again. For years I’ve suffered from the dreaded wet pit, moments after applying deodorant! I thought I’d found the one to work for me, but eventually that stopped too, so I was at an impasse.

Then I discovered Wild and I haven’t looked back since.

Wild is brilliant because it is the first totally natural deodorant which is completely plastic free. Even down to the refills which are compostable after use, even the case is plastic free and recyclable.

There are 6 scents to choose from including Orange Zest, Coconut Dreams, Bergamot Rituals, Rose Blush, Lavender Haze and Mint Fresh.

Solid Cleanser Bars

A natural way to cleanse your face without the need to keep purchasing plastic bottles.

A bit like soap but without the harsh stripping effects, these bars leave your face as smooth as a babies bum. But fresher! So easy to use and of course they last longer than traditional cleansers too.

There are solid bars available for cleansing, moisturising, shampooing and conditioning so there really is no limit as to how wild you go in your bathroom!

I’ve been using a solid cleansing bar for a few weeks and I have to say my skin hasn’t been softer nor my skin clearer since I started using it.

It’s easy, convenient, fuss free and of course best of all, helps to save the planet one face wash at a time!

I hope these have been helpful to you, there are of course easier ways to make eco friendly swaps but I believe that the bathroom is the best place to start. Beauty products are by far one of the biggest causes of waste but there’s still time to change.

I promise that you’ll not notice the difference in usage, but there’ll be a massive difference in how eco friendly your bathroom is!

Sarah xoxoxo

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