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5 Tips for a Sustainable Halloween Season

Halloween is almost upon us, and there are lots of exciting ways to celebrate the spooky season this year!

However, Halloween is not always a good season for the environment. From pumpkins to disposable decorations, there is a lot of waste involved with the Halloween season every year.

In fact, each year over 7 million Halloween costumes are thrown in the rubbish, the equivalent of 83 million plastic bottles!

For this reason, it's so important to try to have a sustainable spooky season whenever you can. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a fun and exciting Halloween with your friends and family, without damaging the environment.

Check out my ideas below and let me know how you are going to add a bit of sustainability to your Halloween celebrations this year.

1. Shop second-hand

We all know that shopping second-hand is a great way to protect the environment, and it's always a great idea to avoid fast fashion as much as possible.

I love shopping second-hand at charity shops or via sites such as Vinted. If you're going to a Halloween party or your kids are off trick-or-treating, try finding your costumes second-hand for a cheap and sustainable option.

Try not to buy a Halloween outfit from a party shop and then throw it in the bin after the spooky season is over- get creative and find an outfit that won't damage the environment.

You could even rent a costume, as this limits your waste during the Halloween season.

2. Choose ethical treats

One of the best things about the Halloween season is the food! As a child, I used to love going trick-or-treating, and there are so many delicious Halloween sweet treats to enjoy as an adult too.

However, a lot of these treats are not always ethical. This Halloween, try to choose ethical (but still delicious!) treats for your friends and family. You could buy ethically-made chocolate, vegan treats or even make your own cakes and biscuits.

In terms of reducing your environmental damage, try to avoid individually-wrapped sweets and chocolates. These treats are the worst for the environment, as they encourage more waste during the season.

3. Recycle your pumpkins

It goes without saying that pumpkins are a big part of the Halloween season!

There's nothing wrong with heading to a picturesque pumpkin patch with your friends and family or picking out and cutting a pumpkin for your window.

However, it is important to try and recycle your pumpkins during the spooky season. You need to scoop out the insides to make your pumpkin lantern, so you could use this ingredient to make a tasty pumpkin soup or pie.

You can even use left-over pumpkin to create a cool face mask! There are so many creative ways to use your pumpkin, reduce waste and enjoy this fun season.

4. Make your own decorations

Instead of buying your decorations from Poundland or another discount store, why not make your own decorations this year?!

Homemade decorations are more sustainable and durable. You can use your decorations every year, saving money and making sure that your decorations are super eco-friendly.

Homemade decorations are also more fun! You and your family can enjoy making them together and putting them up ready for the Halloween season.

5. Reuse your Halloween costume

If you go to a Halloween party every year, try reusing your Halloween costume!

There's nothing wrong with wearing the same thing two years in a row, or you could add an extra accessory to make it a little different each year.

Kids might grow out of their costumes quickly, but that doesn't mean their costumes have to go into the bin. You can donate them to a charity shop or hand them down to a sibling or younger friend.

This means that you won't be throwing anything away during the Halloween season, and you can be safe in the knowledge that your celebrations are not damaging the environment!

Do you have any tips for a sustainable Halloween season? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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