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5 Tips To Keep Warm at Home This Winter

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You want to keep warm and cosy this winter without going broke in the process, right?

After the crazy heatwaves we have experienced this summer, it feels strange to start thinking about winter, but with the growing energy costs preparing for the winter needs to start sooner rather than later.

These 5 tips will help you keep warmer at home this winter without spending too much on energy bills.

Follow these tips and stay warm all season long!

1. Add insulation with Wooden Shutters

Wooden shutters can be a great way to add insulation to your home, but they are a long term investment.

By keeping the drafts out, you'll be surprised at how much warmer your home will feel.

Interior Shutters are great insulators all year round, acting as a barrier on your windows to prevent cold air from coming in and stopping heat from escaping.

This can help reduce the time needed to have your heating on.

In the summer, they provide fantastic shading, keeping your home cooler in heatwaves, and reducing the need to have electric fans running the bills up.

2. Set Up Hot Water Bottles

Water bottles are an easy way to keep warm this winter. Any person who menstruates already knows how wonderful a hot water bottle can be.

Just fill it up with hot water (carefully avoiding spillages so you don't burn yourself) and carry it around the house with you.

You can also put them in your bed before you go to sleep to keep yourself warm throughout the night.

Not only will you be staying warm, but you'll also save money on your energy bill by reducing how long you'll need to keep the heating on.

3. Wear Multiple Layers

One of the best ways to keep warm this winter is by wearing multiple layers.

You can start with a base layer of thermal underwear, followed by a cotton shirt and jumper.

Wear wool socks or slippers on your feet, in order to increase the heat inside your shoes.

To top it off, wear a scarf around your neck or head; you’ll be surprised how much heat that produces as well!

It's also worth investing in a good quality fluffy nightgown to wrap up and snuggle in around the house.

4. Add An Electric Blanket

Electric blankets are a great way to keep your home warm this winter without cranking up the heat.

Use your blanket to warm up your bed for about 30 minutes before you get in it.

This is so you can sleep comfortably through the night without having to leave the heating on.

It is important to only use your electric blanket when you need it. Don't leave it on all day or night!

5. Wrap Up In Throws

One simple way to keep warm in winter is by wrapping up in throws.

Choose natural fabrics like wool or cotton, which will breathe better than synthetic materials.

Not only do they look cosy, but they can also save you money on your energy bill.

Take a few minutes to snug up your home this winter, and you’ll be sure to stay comfortable all season long!

Love Sarah xoxo

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