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5 Ways to Enjoy Easter as a Vegan

Easter is a fun time of the year, with delicious sweet treats for anyone to enjoy.

However, if you're a vegan you might be a bit anxious about the upcoming holiday, especially when it comes to spending time with other people or finding tasty Easter treats that you can eat.

But there's no need to worry!

There are plenty of ways to enjoy Easter as a vegan, with lots of vegan sweet treats to check out this Spring.

In this blog post, I've put together my top tips to enjoy Easter as a vegan, including suggestions and recommendations from my own experience.

1. Head out into nature

This Easter, head out into nature for a bit of time surrounded by animals and wildlife.

As you know, I love animals! I spent time working abroad with horses a few years ago, and I regularly try to spend time with dogs.

Going for a walk through a park or heading out on a hike with your family is a lovely way to get back to nature. It's free, fun and great for your mental and physical health.

It's also a pressure-free way to enjoy a bit of time with your friends and family as a vegan this Easter.

2. Choose a few vegan Easter treats

Just because you're a vegan, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy yummy Easter treats this year.

There are lots of vegan Easter products available, with many companies starting to introduce more and more vegan items for all of their customers- which is great!

I really recommend checking out M&S Bramley Apple Hot Cross Buns and Frieda Free From Caterpillar Cakes if you're looking for a delicious vegan treat this Easter.

Chocolate is a staple at Easter time! Check out NOMO Chocolate, Doisy and Doms or Montezuma for vegan Easter chocolates that will satisfy your sweet tooth- including snacks and luxurious Easter eggs.

Trust me, you don't have to miss out if you're a vegan this Easter.

3. Speak to friends and family

If you're worried about spending your first Easter as a vegan, speak to your family and friends about it.

For example, if your family aren't vegan, you could advise them about the best vegan Easter eggs and other products to check out.

If you're visiting friends and family for your Easter dinner this year, you could bring your own food to contribute to the meal or you could advise them about the best places to eat out as a vegan.

This might help you feel less anxious about the holiday!

4. Get baking

Baking is a fun Easter activity that anyone can enjoy- vegans included!

There are many Spring bakes to enjoy as a vegan, such as vegan hot cross buns, Easter cookies, vegan Easter cake and more.

If you need a bit of help with your baking, I've written a post full of tips for baking as a vegan.

5. Try to be sustainable

Enjoy Easter as a vegan this year by finding small, important ways to be as sustainable as possible.

If you're decorating your home, make sure to choose sustainable decorations such as recyclable paper hangings.

Picture Credits Natural Collection

It's important to reduce plastic use as much as possible, especially around holidays such as Easter.

You can also make sustainable choices when it comes to sweet treats, such as organic vegan chocolate and ethically-made Easter snacks.

Do you have any tips to enjoy Easter as a vegan? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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