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5 Ways We Can Empower Women and Girls

When people feel empowered, they can accomplish everything they want and lead a life of their choosing.

Empowerment applies to both men and women however, women’s empowerment holds more importance as it is the only way to eradicate gender inequality.

In this post, find out about five ways women can be empowered!

Women should be given complete control over their finances

Women should have complete control over their finances.

At the same time, women need to be paid equally when compared to their male colleagues. Lenders need to develop new financial products to help women entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

Furthermore, women should not fall prey to the conservatorship of their interests and estates.

Women should pursue a career of their choosing

Society needs to let women pursue careers that appeal to them.

Anything a man can achieve, a woman can as well, if not better!

This statement holds when one looks at how women take leadership positions in science, technology, politics, space research, the automotive sector and more.

Hence, if society truly wants to empower women, they should be given opportunities to grow instead of facing hurdles on their professional path!

Women should be left alone with their lifestyle choices

From wearing briefs and shorts to work to staying out all night without worrying about anything; the modern woman needs to be left alone when making her lifestyle choices.

If men can lead carefree lives, then why can’t women do the same?

Patronising women and young girls, all while talking about women’s empowerment is hypocrisy at its worst.

Society must let a woman lead a life of her choosing, instead of judging her at every step.

Women should pursue personal relationships that are comfortable for them

When men can get into or get out of personal relationships as they please, why is it frowned upon when women do the same?

It has been a while since society accepted women as equals to their male counterparts.

Yet, rotten social terms still force women to stay in toxic relationships and stay silent when subjected to gas-lighting, verbal abuse and more.

It is high time that this changes, and if society is serious about empowering women, then they need to be offered the freedom to pursue personal relationships they are comfortable with.

Women should make decisions about their beauty on their terms

From buying briefs and shorts they like to inner-wear they find comfortable, women should be trusted to make decisions about their beauty.

Women should not be looked down upon when they choose not to doll up for the occasion.

When women are left to make decisions about their beauty on their terms, then society becomes progressive in a true sense.

At the same time, women will feel more included as they are being treated equally.


By empowering themselves, women can set the bar for how other people treat them personally or professionally.

In a nutshell, women’s empowerment is not just a mere topic of discussion anymore. It has become the modern woman’s way of life.

How do you think we can empower women and girls? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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