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6 Ways to Stay Sustainable This Summer

The Summer months are lots of fun- but they are also a great time to implement some new, sustainable habits in your routine.

From outdoor plans to protecting our beautiful environment, there are lots of ways to promote sustainable practices and encourage a change in lifestyle this Summer.

One of the most important things about staying sustainable is choosing changes that work for you.

Don't force yourself to implement lots of changes straight away, but find ways to be sustainable that are comfortable and durable for you!

In this post, I will discuss 6 ways to stay sustainable this Summer, including simple tips and tricks to look after yourself and our planet this season.

1. Clean up after yourself

Sometimes, the most sustainable thing you can do at any time is to clean up after yourself.

Summer often involves outdoor plans such as pub garden trips and warm BBQs.

This is the fun of the Summer season- but it does mean that there's more chance of mess and rubbish.

It costs nothing to at least make sure you don't leave mess when you've been out and about.

For example, you could take big bags to clear away any rubbish or make sure to always clean your picnic space after a day out in the sun.

2. Look after nature

Nature is beautiful and it's all around us! I think sometimes we find it hard to think of ways to look after nature, especially if we live in a big city.

However, there are so many ways to look after our beautiful world.

Nurture your house plants, water the grass, create a bee home in your garden or help a wasp get out of your house instead of killing it.

This will keep the eco-system strong and healthy and give you chance to stay sustainable this Summer.

3. Choose vegan

Choosing vegan can always help the environment a little bit.

During the Summer months, you might prefer fresh meals and salads anyway- and choosing vegan food options can help to protect our planet while you find delicious recipes to suit your Summer mood.

Check out my recent post for 4 delicious vegan Spring recipes to try out.

4. Get walking!

If possible, try to walk whenever you can. Protect the environment by only driving when absolutely necessary.

Even choosing public transport is better than getting in your car, as you can share the ride with other people and it reduces your emissions on a daily basis.

Walking is also great for your mental and physical health- so opt for a greener way to travel whenever possible.

5. Create a green wardrobe

A green wardrobe is a great way to be a bit more sustainable this Summer.

There are so many ways to create an eco-friendly wardrobe, such as investing in sustainable fashion choices and donating any old clothes to charity shops.

In my recent post, I shared 6 simple tips to create an eco-friendly wardrobe- including tips and tricks for anyone to try out!

6. Find natural products

There are some things you can't compromise during the Summer months, such as proper, high SPF sun cream.

However, try to find some natural and plastic-free alternatives to your favourite products.

This might involve trying a deodorant that's not an aerosol, or using a soap bar in the shower instead of plastic shower gel.

Do you have any tips to stay sustainable this Summer? Let me know all your thoughts in the comments!

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