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8 Books to Check Out This World Book Day

Happy World Book Day!

Reading is one of my favourite activities- and it's something I want to start prioritising in my spare time.

It can be only too easy to watch Netflix, but settling in with a good book is also a fun and entertaining way to spend your time after work.

I love reading and reviewing books for my blog. It helps me give great book recommendations to all of my followers- and I often receive some amazing new suggestions in the comments, too.

In this blog post, read about 8 books to check out this World Book Day. All of these books came out in 2022 or 2023- and each and every one is a great choice for your Spring reading list!

1. 'The Stolen Heir' by Holly Black

'The Stolen Heir' by Holly Black came out on 3 January 2023- and it is the perfect novel for any fantasy fans.

Follow a runaway queen, a reluctant prince and a quest that has the power to destroy them both!

Picture credits: Amazon

If you want to escape this World Book Day, 'The Stolen Heir' is a great choice for your next read.

2. 'The Bandit Queens' by Parini Shroff

'The Bandit Queens' came out on 3 January 2023, and it is a story full of mystery, intrigue and vivid female characters.

When Greeta's husband disappears, everyone thinks she killed him- and her life completely changes from that moment onwards.

No one messes with her, no one threatens her and no one wants to marry her.

Picture Credits: Penguin Random House

As the book goes on, Greeta finds that other women in the village start asking her for help. They want to get rid of their own husbands- and not all of them are willing to take "no" for an answer.

3. 'Someone Else's Shoes' by Jojo Moyes

This new book by Jojo Moyes is a story of mix-ups and mess-ups!

The main character Nisha is used to a life of wealth- until her ex-husband completely cuts her off during their divorce.

Picture Credits: World of Books

The #1 New York Times bestselling author writes about making the most of second chances, using Nisha's story to show that just one little thing can suddenly change everything.

4. '39 Plus One' by Ragh Bir

Released on 24 November 2022, Ragh Bir tells the story of Rachel Collins, a 30-something woman navigating the world of dating.

In the book, Rachel sets herself a challenge. She will date anyone who shows interest in her, in a quest to find her perfect imperfect soulmate.

'39 Plus One' is based on Ragh Bir's real experiences, and it is a funny, touching and insightful look at dating in your 30s.

5. 'Sam' by Allegra Goodman

Released in January 2023, 'Sam' by Allegra Goodman is a classic coming-of-age tale that offers an important look at class, addiction, parenthood and ambition.

Follow Sam as she navigates life in her teens, dealing with self-doubt, insecurities and pressure from her parents.

Picture Credits: Penguin Random House

It is a beautiful, well-written novel all about this young woman's experiences, and it sounds like the perfect read if you're looking for an insightful book this World Book Day.

6. 'I Have Some Questions For You' by Rebecca Makkai

'I Have Some Questions For You' by Rebecca Makki came out on 21 February 2023. It tells the story of a successful film professor and podcast creator, Bodie Kane.

She is trying to forget her past, including family tragedy and her time at a boarding school in Hampshire, when one of her classmates was killed.

Picture Credits: Penguin Random House

When she is invited to teach at that same school, lots of her past issues come up. She is forced to consider the circumstances surrounding the student's death- and how it relates to her own life experiences.

7. 'The Friendship Breakup' by Annie Cathryn

'The Friendship Break-Up' by Annie Cathryn is a fantastic debut novel all about the ups and downs of friendship.

I think it's safe to say that all of us have experienced friendship problems in our life, including a difficult friendship break-up or two.

Picture Credits: Penguin Random House

This fresh new novel follows mother Fallon Monroe, who is suddenly ghosted by her best friend- and she embarks on a quest to find out why.

This sounds like a super relatable and thoughtful book to check out this World Book Day!

8. 'Dyscalculia: A Love Story of Epic Miscalculation' by Camonghne Felix

Released on Valentine's Day 2023, this non-fiction memoir looks at a terrible break-up in Camonghne's life.

Picture Credits: Volumes Books

She reflects on her childhood and her romantic experiences with raw honesty, using these experiences to ask the question: "Who gets to assert their right to pain?"

This book considers perception and reality, love and harm and the intense politics of heartbreak.

What are you reading this World Book Day? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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