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8 Secrets of Successful Airbnb Rentals

Choosing the best solution before booking a holiday typically involves considerations regarding your budget, the facilities available, your privacy requirement and the location.

You will probably remember this thought process when you place your Airbnb rental on the market. Understanding where your guests are coming from is crucial to creating a profitable rental. However, there are other things that come into play, namely essential features in your rental.

Are you looking to increase the success of your Airbnb rental? You’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll be revealing the top 10 design secrets to achieving Airbnb success.

From easy no-contact access to an Instagrammable feature, these design secrets are sure to make your rental stand out from the crowd and attract guests.

Read on to learn more about how you can improve the success of your Airbnb rental today!

No-contact access

Easy, contact-free access to a rental property is becoming increasingly popular for both guests and hosts.

From the guest’s perspective, having access to a property without having to interact physically with a host can provide a sense of security and peace of mind. This is especially important during a pandemic, where physical contact should be avoided whenever possible.

Additionally, it’s important to consider all requirements. Some guests go out of their way to avoid meeting the host.

Why don’t they want to meet you? Essentially, because not everyone thrives on social connections. For some people, forced social interactions are draining, and the last thing they want after a long trip is to exchange pleasantries and small talk with a host.

They just want to rest and enjoy the holiday in the location they’ve rented. Therefore, offering contact-free access could help your introverted guests.

It’s also important to remember that Airbnb customers are more likely to be introverted as they’ve chosen to stay in an independent place by themselves rather than opting for a hotel.

A locked box for your key

From the host’s perspective, easy no-contact access allows them to provide a more efficient service to their guests. Hosts can save time and resources without coordinating in-person key exchanges. They can also avoid the potential hassle of dealing with lost or late keys.

Many hosts have embraced this trend by offering contact-free entry systems like electronic locks, keypads or even keyless entry systems.

Guests can easily access their rental with the click of a button, providing them with an added layer of convenience and security.

Hosts can also provide additional support by leaving welcome hampers or other amenities outside the property for guests to collect upon arrival.

No-contact access is a great way to make sure that both hosts and guests are happy and secure. By providing an efficient and safe service, it can be a real winner for all involved.

A welcome hamper

A vegan welcome hamper is a great way to make your Airbnb rental stand out and provide a unique experience for guests. It’s also a thoughtful gesture that shows you care about their dietary needs and preferences.

When assembling a vegan welcome hamper, you’ll want to include a variety of items to ensure all your guests’ needs are met.

Here are some vegan-friendly items to consider for your welcome hamper:

  • Vegan snacks such as fruit, nuts, and dried fruit

  • Non-dairy milk or creamer for coffee

  • Plant-based protein bars or granola bars

  • Dairy-free yoghurt or coconut cream

  • Natural plant-based soaps and body washes

  • Whole grain crackers or (gluten-free) bread

  • Cruelty-free cosmetics or toiletries

  • Eco-friendly cleaning products

  • Fairtrade or organic tea and coffee

  • Organic fruits and vegetables

By including a variety of vegan-friendly items in your welcome hamper, you can be sure that all of your guests’ needs are taken care of, leaving them with a memorable and positive experience at your Airbnb rental.

Easy decor that is durable and sustainable

An easy and durable decor will give your guests the impression of comfort and convenience while also helping to reduce waste and risks of breakage.

One way to create easy and durable decor is to choose furniture and items made from materials like wood or metal that can stand up to wear and tear over time, such as replacing the traditional plastic curtain rail with a copper curtain rail.

Also, choose eco-friendly or recycled materials, such as recycled plastics, bamboo, and cork. This will help you reduce your carbon footprint and create an inviting space for your guests.


Houseplants have become increasingly popular as part of interior design and home decor in recent years, and for a good reason.

Houseplants bring life and vitality to a space, and they also have the potential to create a tranquil, inviting atmosphere.

Houseplants are great for helping to reduce stress levels and boost mood. Studies have shown that plants can help create a calming and relaxing environment.

This can be especially helpful for guests staying in an Airbnb rental who may be looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

In addition to their calming effect, houseplants can also help to make a room look more alive and vibrant. A well-placed pot or two of greenery can draw the eye and help to fill any empty space.

They can also add character and interest to a room and provide subtle pops of colour.

When choosing houseplants for an Airbnb rental, it’s important to pick plants that are easy to care for, low maintenance, and relatively hardy.

This will help to ensure that the plants stay healthy throughout the duration of a guest’s stay and won’t need too much attention from the host.

In conclusion, houseplants can be an excellent addition to any Airbnb rental, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests while also helping to fill any space.

Easy-to-care-for varieties can ensure that the plants stay healthy throughout a guest’s stay without requiring too much effort from the host.

An Instagrammable feature

Adding an Instagram-worthy feature to your rental is a great way to make it stand out from the competition and attract more guests.

Whether you’re an experienced Airbnb host or just starting out, there are plenty of ways to add a unique feature to your rental that will have guests snapping away.

One idea is to incorporate nature into your space. You can hang plants, such as eucalyptus or fiddle leaf figs, from the ceiling, add a small vertical garden on a wall, or place a few terrariums strategically around the space.

Plants bring life and freshness to a room, and they also look great in photos.

Another idea is to make use of unique lighting fixtures. This could be anything from hanging a chandelier from the ceiling or installing wall sconces in the corners of a room.

Make sure the light you choose is bright enough to light up your space and draw attention to the details of your design.

You can also incorporate colourful textiles into your design. Whether it’s a patterned throw pillow or a large tapestry hung on the wall, textiles add texture and colour to a space and can look amazing in photos.

Finally, adding a statement piece to your design can help make your rental stand out. A large piece of art hung on the wall or an oversized chair in the corner of the room can add interest to the space and make it look more inviting.

By taking advantage of these ideas, you’ll be sure to create an Instagram-worthy feature that will get your guests snapping away.

Comfortable beds

No matter if you’re a host or a guest, comfortable beds are key for successful Airbnb rentals. No one wants to spend their stay tossing and turning due to an uncomfortable mattress or lumpy pillows.

Hosts should make sure to invest in high-quality mattresses that will provide guests with a good night’s sleep.

Beds should also be made up with clean and comfortable sheets, plenty of pillows, and blankets or throws.

In addition, hosts should consider providing additional amenities such as slippers, eye masks, ear plugs, and even a welcome hamper with basic items like soap, shampoo, and towels.

By making sure beds are comfortable, hosts can ensure their guests have a positive experience during their stay.

Fast answers from the host

As a host, you want to ensure that your guests have all their questions answered as soon as possible so that they can enjoy their stay without any issues.

Guests want to know that if they have an issue or question, they can rely on you to get back to them quickly.

To ensure your guests receive a quick response, it’s important to have a system in place to ensure that any messages or queries are responded to as soon as possible.

Depending on the size of your property, you might be able to reply to messages yourself, or you may need to delegate this task to a friend or a professional property agent.

Having a clear communication policy in place can help to make sure that all queries are responded to in a timely manner.

You should also consider setting up automated messages that are sent out when someone books with you, as this can provide guests with useful information about check-in procedures and any house rules.

Bringing your rental to the next level is no easy task. But contrary to common belief, your property price is not what determines its success. Guests pay attention to the little details that go above and beyond.

Do you have any tips for successful Airbnb rentals? Let me know in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxo

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