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A Bitesize Guide on How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance

For the millions of UK drivers, if there’s one thing that’s mandatory aside from having a license, it’s car insurance.

Understandably, no one wants to pay through the roof for theirs. If you’re not happy with how much you’re paying monthly or annually, we have some good news in store.

Should you use our tips below, you may just be able to shave some money off your car insurance!

Choose Fully Comprehensive

When it comes to your car insurance options, fully comprehensive ranks on top. This option provides a higher level of coverage when compared to a third party only.

Also, it tends to be the cheapest policy. This is because insurers have noticed drivers who take out less coverage normally make more claims. If you opt for comprehensive car insurance, expect to pay lower premiums.

What’s more, you can save cash on repair bills should you find yourself in a car accident.

Pay Annually

You may believe spreading out the cost of your car insurance feels cheaper. However, it’s always advised to pay annually instead.

This is because car insurance companies tend to charge interest when customers decide to pay for their insurance on a monthly basis.

If you’re unable to pay the lot in one go, it’s wise to look at other options like paying using a 0% purchase credit card.

Make sure to stay in the know about when your car insurance is due. That way, you can look to renew or find a new policy.

Avoid Unnecessary Extras

When shopping for car insurance, you’ll find many companies offer an array of extra features. These may include windscreen cover or legal expenses cover.

While they may sound enticing, take a step back and think whether you actually need them.

Sure, they may bolster your protection, but expect to pay more! can assist you in finding the right car insurance quotes. They compare a wide range of car insurance providers so you can seek out the best deal.

Consider Adding Extra Drivers

In general, you can add up to three drivers to your car insurance policy. Although, how this impacts your premiums will depend on the kind of driver concerned.

If you have a more experienced, named driver on your policy, this can help in reducing your premiums. Should you add younger, less experienced drivers, this will have the opposite effect.

Drive Fewer Miles

While you may love to go on a road trip and see the sights, the more miles you drive, the more you may have to pay for car insurance.

If you believe you can stick to lower mileage, you could just save cash on your car insurance. Fewer miles signal you’re a lower risk for insurers, meaning you’re cheaper to insure overall.

Paying for car insurance is just one of the things we have to put up with. However, the amount you pay doesn’t have to be eye-watering.

If you use the right tactics and know the ins and outs of the field, you could end up saving a significant sum on your car insurance policy!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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