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A Very Honest Skin + Me Review: 18 Months On

I have been using Skin + Me for well over a year now and I can quite honestly say that this diminutive little dose has had more of an effect on me than literally anything else I’ve ever had the dis/pleasure of putting in or on my body.

This is really something when you consider the products I've tried! I've always struggled with my skin, experiencing adult acne and using a myriad of products to try and solve it.

In this post, read my very honest Skin + Me review, including all my thoughts after 18 months using their products.

My experience of Skin + Me

I first decided to try Skin + Me when I saw everyone and their mother use or promote it on Instagram. I guess this goes to show that marketing works because, well, here we are!

It was only £3.50 for me to try it, so I thought I had nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain. You too can try your first 2 dosers for this small amount if you use my code SARAHD5VTJ – generous I know!

I last did an update after 3 months in May 2021, which means I’ve been using this simplified skincare routine for 18 months now. It really has been the best thing I’ve ever done for my skin!

Skin + Me make it really simple to sort out any and all of your skin-related issues, from dry skin to acne.

When you sign up, you speak to an actual dermatology expert who analyses the pictures you send in, and Skin + Me uses your specific issues to put together the right amount of acids into a doser – which magically appears through your door every month.

Skin + Me cleanser and moisturiser

In recent months, Skin + Me have also brought out a cleanser and moisturiser to complement your doser.

These are designed to not only be used before and after your night time treatment, but in the morning as well- meaning you no longer have to worry about what exactly to use!

When Skin + Me launched their new cleanser and moisturiser, you could actually get them as a free add-on to your monthly doser.

This is a great way to try it out before committing to the £30 fee for the complete treatment set. Skin + Me are very generous with their products, and everything is backed up by expert opinions.

There are four different types to choose from:

  • Purify + Prep Hydrating Cleanser

  • Clarifying Cleanser

  • Soothe + Smooth Rich Moisturiser

  • Light Moisturiser

I’ve had the whole set twice, but as I wasn’t using a lot of them, I ended up with double the amount I’d normally use, so I haven’t needed to add them back into my routine as of yet.

To be honest, I’m not sure I will because that £30 in the midst of a cost of living crisis?? Nah, I’m good thanks!

Is it worth the price?

In the past 18 months, the price of each Skin + Me doser has increased from £9.99 to £24.99.

I’ve actually got a lot of credit built up from people using my code which I put towards the cost of my doser each month.

So all of this credit really helps and allows me to be able to afford it.

However, I’m not trying to put you off signing up, absolutely not (and don’t forget my code helps with the first 2 months!).

I think putting your money into your skin means you’ll need to spend less on make-up as your skin will naturally look better– well, that’s what my Mum’s always told me anyway. You'll also feel more confident in your skin- which is so important for me.

I do absolutely believe that Skin + Me is worth it and I genuinely wouldn’t have the skin I do now without them.

But I’d say try it out – using my code SARAHD5VTJ to save a bit of money– and see how it changes your life!

This is my honest 18 month review of Skin + Me and I like to think the fact I’m still using it after all this time speaks volumes.

Skin + Me really do have all of your skin concerns covered and I cannot thank them enough for giving me the skin I’ve always wanted.

Have you ever tried Skin + Me? Do you agree with all my thoughts? Let me know!

Love, Sarah


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