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Acoustic Pixel Home Cinema System: The Newest Cinema In Harrogate

AD- Use of the showroom kindly gifted in exchange for this post and a feature on my social channels.

When you get an email to say would you like to come down and review our home cinema system you don't say no, even if you then realise you probably don't have many friends to invite!

I did manage to find one however, who came with me and I also invited my Mum along so she could enjoy an afternoon out! It felt good to be able to share the perks around a bit with the people who also appreciate what it's like to blog about it afterwards!

Acoustic Pixel are a Yorkshire based company who specialise in the design and delivery of connected homes and businesses. They utilise technology to enhance your life at home and work.

At the touch of a button, Acoustic Pixel can bring the power and emotion of the big screen to your home. Experience the power of Home Cinema in their state of the art showroom in the heart of Harrogate.

Combining clever design with next generation audio and visual technology, they can create intelligently composed Home Cinemas that deliver great isolation, resilience and incredible acoustic engineering.

Their aim is to provide you with a state of the art Home Cinema, where you can fully immerse yourself in entertainment, gaming and watching the best films, sport, documentaries and current affairs programmes in the depth, detail and clarity the directors intended.

If you've always wanted to experience 4K Ultra High Definition in luxury, with surround sound whilst reclining on leather chairs then look no further.

Acoustic Pixel, located in the new basement showroom of the House of Harrogate Showroom on Cheltenham Mount.

If you have a film you've been wanting to experience in the cinema, you're sure to be impressed by the studio that Acoustic Pixel have built. I go to the cinema a lot and I can say that it's just as good, if not better, than the cinema.

It has better sound quality than most cinemas so you really do get to experience your film just as the directors, producers, cast and crew intended.

The picture quality on the screen is just incredible, with every pixel picked up with pin point clarity - in 4K you really do get to see every pore, wrinkle and hair on the actor's bodies.

I'm not sure they like it so much but it's great for us! Once you've experienced this you'll not want to go back, it will be hard to go back home to your standard TV and DVD after this, that's for sure!

The team at Acoustic Pixel (Katherine and Simon) were very generous to us providing us with snacks including popcorn, malteasers, a bottle of water and a small bottle of Prosecco!

Seeing as we were there at 1pm it felt very indulgent to be sipping on bubbles!

The film I had chosen for us to watch was a Blue Ray 4K HD version of The Life Of Pie which I actually hadn't seen before, it was amazing and even better on the big screen.

The seats themselves were incredibly comfortable and with the ability to completely recline them whilst moving the head support to a comfortable level was incredibly comfortable.

We were also given a demonstration of their home automation system which cleverly includes hidden speakers in the ceiling as well as the ability to control everything from the radio, TV, shutters and lights from just your voice using an Alexa speaker.

You can set the radio station to your favourite, sync it up with your Spotify and choose the settings for certain moods from Party to Good Morning and Good Night!

Just come down in the morning, say "Alexa, Good Morning" and the lights will come on, the radio will turn on and the shutters will open.

Everything can be synced up, from the kitchen, living room etc and it's all controlled from one speaker and remote.

No more searching the sofa wondering where the controller is when you need to change channel or fumbling in the dark to switch on the lights, or dim them when you want to watch a film but don't want to move!

Even the heating can be controlled via the remote/touch pad and can be easily changed up or down depending on your mood.

There's also an app which can be easily linked up so you don't even need to move from your bed/sofa to change the mood! Simples!

With technology moving so fast and getting ever more sophisticated these days, there's every chance houses which are being built currently (and in the future) have this kind of technology integrated into their very fabric.

Making houses of the future which are already attuned to your likes/dislikes, favourite moods and music. It would definitely be easier to build it into the house rather than retro fit it later on.

I'd love to have technology like this in my flat, it would be cool to walk into the bathroom and say "Alexa, play shower playlist!" and have my favourite tunes on whilst showering!

Or to have calming, soothing tunes whilst having a bath. I loved being shown how it worked and talking to Alexa, seeing the room come to life and wake up or shut down and go to sleep.

The team at Acoustic Pixel are so friendly and very happy to show off their toys! They were so welcoming to us, showing us how the remote for the big screen worked and leaving us to enjoy the room and our film.

They were only outside the room should we have encountered any problems but thankfully we didn't!

We all really enjoyed our time at Acoustic Pixel, their home entertainment system has to be seen to be believed. Which I highly recommend you do because it's incredible!

So, if you and your mates are looking for somewhere to watch that classic FA Cup game, or the latest season of Game of Thrones then the showroom at Acoustic Pixel is the place to be!

If you want to experience it for yourself, Acoustic Pixel will be at the Homebuilding and Renovation Show from 2-4 November.

There you can learn everything you need to before heading to their showroom to experience it for yourself!

Love, Sarah


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