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AD | Introducing Box42 Dates

Sarah sitting in front of the fire reading all about Box42 Dates

AD - Box42 Dates Cosy Campfire Box is a PR product, all pictures and opinions my own.

Now, tell me, how does one date in lockdown during a global pandemic? Well, there are of course the dating sites but we all know how those end up! If you're already in a relationship then there's no need for this but of course, you can't go out for date night so where does that leave you?

Dating can be expensive, a lot of hassle to organise and you may not have the time! But spending quality time together doesn't have to be difficult. Let me introduce you to Box42 Dates.

Box 42 Dates was created as a solution to the new date night, designed to bring new, exciting romantic experiences to homes across the UK. As a result, Box42's core principles were built out of this purpose and truly represent who they are.

A recent Relate survey showed that 23% of couples are feeling pressure on their relationships because of the current circumstances, which isn't surprising when we're spending 24/7 together!

Caroline and Jai were one such couple but they decided to turn that around and make something positive come out of this rather negative situation. So, during lockdown 1 they set about creating Box42 Dates!

Sarah sitting in front of the fire toasting a marshmallow with the Box 42 Dates box by her side

What's it all about?

Each month there is a new box set around a new theme, the one shown here is 'Cosy Campfire'. They are specially curated to create an evening of laughter, love and connection.

Moreover, each box contains drinks and snacks from young indie brands, making every box an opportunity to support and discover something exciting!

You can choose to have a one off date night, priced at £33 or subscribe and save with a surprise date night box each month, priced at £29! You can even try a virtual date night first before you commit! So there really is something for everyone!

So, what's inside the Cosy Campfire Box?

Well, everything you can expect if you were outside preparing your own campfire really, including the ability to make s'mores indoors!

"Tonight we're rewinding the time back to the best days of your childhood; that time spent outside has a lot of great things to offer - the starry night sky, the glowing embers of a campfire, the smell of nature - but sometimes you want all the best parts of camping without any of the hassle."

This would be perfect for those of you who love getting out and about in nature, who loved camping as a child and loved the smell of the forest in the morning.

Personally I loved all of that so this box was right up my street! The snacks and drinks include Mallow & Marsh Salted Caramel Marshmallows, Cocoba's Hot Chocolate Spoons and Prewetts Milk Chocolate Digestives.

Plus, there was an option to make Hearty Carrot and Coriander Soup which sounds amazing, as well as Classic Campfire Nachos which is right up my street!

Of course, no campfire is complete without a beer so for me I would grab a cold one and tuck in!

There's also a dream catcher making kit included which sounds like fun but me not being the most creative person around it could lead to my fingers being glued to the hoops and not the strings or feathers! Either way, it's good to have something fun to do which isn't in front of a screen.

The glow in the dark stars are a nice touch too, definitely getting that outdoors in feeling! I remember my best friend from school used to have some on her ceiling and they were always cool to see whenever we had sleepovers!

My Thoughts on Box 42's Cosy Campfire Box

I absolutely love this 'date in a box' from Box 42 Dates. The idea of having something fun to do with your other half, whilst having to stay at home because of lockdown rules, really is a tonic. Everyone needs something fun to look forward to and receiving a 'date in a box' through the post is exactly that. There are several different themes available including a Funfair Champions box, a Casino Night Experience, a Tuscan Pottery Date Night and even a Spirit of Christmas Box!

So there's definitely something for everyone here and each box is uniquely designed to help you rediscover the romance and excitement that your relationships deserve. 2020 has been pretty awful let's be honest, everything has become strained and date night has been one of the pleasures which has had to go to the side, whilst finances and working from home have taken precedence. So why not set aside some time to rekindle that flame and find the fun again? I highly recommend Box 42 Dates because they have everything you need to enjoy a wonderful evening together. Love, Sarah xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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