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AD| Femme Luxe Slogan Tees And Loungewear Sets

AD - Post contains PR Products

If you read my previous loungewear post you'll know that I'm late to the loungewear party but I've been loving trying out the sets from Femme Luxe.

It felt good to have something to lounge around in without sacrificing comfort.

With me returning to work, the time spent vegging out on the sofa is over. So you may think why do I need more loungewear or comfy slogan tees then? Simply put, because I want the time I'm not at work to be comfortable but still fashionable.

My days off are going to become more precious and I plan to make the most of them going forward. Also, with restaurants, pubs, cafes, shops opening up again I want more options in my wardrobe which I can quickly grab should the need arise.

Plus, it's always good to have more loungewear available to me. I don't know about you but I always struggle with 'jeans and a nice top' outfits, I usually go for a slogan tee and cardigan. Something simple but which still looks good for a pub catch up or a lunch out somewhere.

Getting Dressed To Go Outside!

Yes, the time has come for us to actually *gasp* put actual clothes on and venture outside properly for the first time in four months! It's a weird feeling after doing nothing more than lazing about inside for four months!

Plus, if you're anything like me you'll have found that you have nothing to wear or that little fairies have been inside your wardrobe and put stitches into your clothes! How naughty of them!

This leaves me in a bit of a quandary actually - we would like to go outside and get back to some sort of normality but at the same time we don't necessarily have the spare income to purchase any new clothes!

So, what to do what to do?! Could we somehow put the loungewear we've spent the last few months in to good use and *whispers* wear it outside?! Surely not?! Well, think again! With a bit of clever dressing I'm sure you can get double duty out of your favourite sets!

With a bit of mixing and matching it's easy to wear say your lounge pants outside. Paired with a slogan t-shirt like these ones from Femme Luxe, dressing to face the outside world needn't be difficult!

It needn't take a lot of time or effort on your part to make yourself presentable for the outside world again. No one should judge you either way, whether it takes you an age to decide what to wear, get ready and be mentally ready to once again face the world.

A t-shirt, cardigan, necklace and a spritz of my favourite perfume is what works for me! I'm comfy, dressed but most importantly, I feel happy. This is what it's all about and a the end of the day, this is going to shine through you. And we could all do with a bit of that, right?

First up we have this 'There's No Place Like Home' Slogan T-Shirt - Jana (XL 14-16) which looks, feels and fits much the same as the Everleigh t-shirt from my previous post.

Yes, I went oversized with all of my shirts as I hate them being too tight and after lockdown, I want my clothes to have room for my months old food baby! It also means I can tie them up at the front to give my waist a bit more definition - something I've come to love doing.

I love the slogan on this t-shirt, I feel it's very apt for the current climate! There really isn't any place like home and that's been something I've come to really love over the last four months. Why not rep your love for your home whilst out and about? We all secretly love home more than anything anyway so!

It's very comfortable to wear and will go with everything already in my wardrobe as well as all the loungewear I've already got. We love a capsule, multi-functional wardrobe don't we?!

Ok, so does anyone remember the original Beverly Hills 90210 from the 1990's? Well if you don't you can always pretend with this 'Beverly Hills | 1990' T-Shirt - Aurora (XL 14-16)! As you probably know, I AM old enough to remember it with stars such as Tori Spelling, Luke Perry and Shannon Doherty.

Yes I have watched the more recent re-run - 90210. I absolutely loved it and was definitely more relatable than the original show! Anyway, I'm getting off topic, I love a top which relates to a TV show or a film I love.

I can see this paired with my MOM jeans from ASOS - once I can fit into them comfortably again that is! *lockdown life!* For the time being though, leggings and jogging bottoms will have to do and they'll look fine to boot! Perhaps I'll just have to invest in a smarter pair of bottoms which look good but feel as good as pjs!

Another t-shirt I picked up was this 'Fearless Femme' T-Shirt Lily (XL 14-16)because basically, aren't we all fearless females?! Wearing this tee will surely let other people know that you're not to be messed with - regardless of how you really feel!

I can see this paired with MOM jeans, a blazer and boots or heels if you wanted to venture outside into the real world! For the moment, I'm simply teaming all these t-shirts with my black leggings from the Everleigh set, it's too much effort to actually get dressed right now!

Finally, I have another loungewear set . This Navy Loungewear Set Maria (L/XL 12-14) is exactly the same as the green Maria set I wore in my last Femme Luxe post.

I actually prefer this set to the green, it seems to fit better despite it being the same size! I hate it when that happens but thankfully here it's not too much to notice.

My Thoughts

Having tested out Femme Luxe for a second time, I can say that overall the quality of the items is good. They wash well and haven't shrunk so I'm taking that as a win! I have noticed that the loungewear can be a bit see through, as can the black leggings, but this can easily be rectified by wearing something underneath or having a loner top on which covers your bum! I don't know about you but whenever I'm wanting to wear loungewear I don't want to have to think about wearing something underneath it because it's see-through!

Anyway, whilst I've been at home it hasn't been a problem but moving forward I'd like to integrate them into my main wardrobe with ease - perhaps I need to wear a vest underneath?

These pieces will work well together and I've already worn the black Everleigh t-shirt with the Navy Maria loungewear set. All these t-shirts will obviously go well with my jeans, the black Everleigh leggings and both the Maria loungewear sets,

All of the t-shirts bar the 'Fearless Femme' one are oversized enough for me to wear as nightwear, which is something I tend to do more often, especially when the weather's hot!

If your clothes are a representation of you as a person then I must be a sloth! Who lazes around their house in jeans?! Like, seriously!?

I hope you've enjoyed these loungewear posts, I feel that it's been very relevant during 4 months of lockdown. And to be fair, I spend the majority of the time I'm not at work in comfy clothes anyway!

So you be assured that I'll be getting a ton of use out of all the loungewear I've been writing about recently!

Let me know if you're the same!

Love, Sarah


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