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AD - Fragrance Shop Atomiser And Rubis Tweezers Review

My Beauty Routine And Scent Memories

AD- Gifted, post in collaboration with Sparkle PR, AD because post contains gifted items.

Sometimes there are beauty products or items you have in your arsenal which you never really think much about because they're just always there.

You can't remember when exactly you bought them or if you even did any research about them before going shopping but each time you go into your beauty stash they're always there, ready and waiting to be used should the need ever rise.

Plus if your friends or family are ever in need of these items you can lend them out and be known as 'the woman who has everything!'.

I don't know about you but for me there are a couple of items which I never really use myself but are always handy to have in my kit. One of these items are these beautiful Rubis Tweezers, known as the 'Ferrari of tweezers.'

Made of surgical steel, the high quality tweezers are acid proof, anti-magnetic and rustproof they're everything short of bullet proof. Featuring tips that close perfectly, precise edges and an arm of tension that yields a lightly-resilient resistance; these Rubiz tweezers are handmade in Switzerland by skilled employees, using a 45-step process. (£22.50)

I don't really use tweezers as I get my brows either threaded or waxed professionally at a local brow bar, but I like to be the lady that has everything so I'm happy to have these beauties in my stash.

This gorgeous rose gold Twist and Spritz Atomiser is the perfect companion to your favourite fragrance, anywhere! The stylish twisting design can be easily refilled from most fragrance bottles and holds 8ml, which is approximately 100 sprays! (£10)

I had always been interested in a product like this, leaning more towards the Travelo which is a similar design. I had only heard of this one and didn't realise that were others available so to find this one from The Fragrance Shop which I found to be really easy to use is brilliant! At first I wasn't sure how to actually take it apart so I could put the perfume in it but once I realised I had to twist the bottle so the top came out and then pull that up it was easy! These instructions are easy to follow and within minutes you can take your favourite perfume out and about with you!

I have always wanted to be able to take my favourite perfume out with me during the day and also when I've been travelling but you can't take a glass bottle on a train or plane without repercussions or breakages. So now I don't have to worry about that and can carry my perfume of the day and continue to smell fresh all the damn day long!

I love the Tiffany Blue of these Rubis Tweezers, they look very professional. They are very lightweight, easy to hold in my hand and direct to each individual hair ensuring no stray hairs are missed.

The fact they're engineered to such a high degree means they're not likely to rust as soon as you leave them on the side of your sink. Brilliant if you're like me and tend to do your make-up in the bathroom!

The Twist and Spritz Atomiser is in my handbag ready and raring to go! I love having my chosen perfume on me wherever I go, to ensure I'm always smelling good and not without a fragrance.

I don't know about you but I now have all of my perfumes out on top of my chest of drawers and use them on an everyday basis.

I have quite a few so I didn't want them to go to waste just sitting in my bathroom cabinet not being used, so I got them out and decided I would use them every single day instead and it worked!

I now spray myself in perfume all the time, when I get up in the morning, after a shower, before I go out for the day (even to work!) and sometimes before I go to bed.

I have now gotten through a couple of bottles by doing this and although this makes me sad because the one bottle that's almost empty wasn't bought that long ago, (see picture) I know it's a good thing as it shows how much I've used and loved it.

Perfumes hold many memories for me as scent is such a powerful tool which can take you back to the time where you first smelt that particular scent. I now love smelling good and reach for perfume when getting ready as much as I do my watch and rings. I don't feel complete without it.

It's the same with my brows, I now spend time getting them tided up every month and always feel so much better afterwards.

They say your eyes are the windows to your soul and your brows are the curtains so it makes sense to look after them. I don't feel quite 'done' without them and it's one of the first things I spend my wages on after I get paid.

It makes me feel better and like I don't have to try so hard on the rest of my make-up afterwards. Occasionally I'll also get my lashes tinted at the same time so I almost don't have to do my make-up at all which makes getting ready so much easier and quicker.

So all in all these two little beauty assets are quite essential to me in my day to day routine and I can't really imagine my life without using them, or at least doing another beauty step which they represent!

Tell me, do you do your brows as part of your beauty routine? How about taking your perfume out and about with you? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Sarah


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