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AD | Is Femme Luxe Mid Size Friendly?

AD - post contains PR products

Having just tried everything on I am pleasantly surprised to find that not only does everything fit well but that it feels really nice as well? I genuinely thought there wouldn't be anything available for a midsize babe whose put on a weight during lockdown!

Both of the loungewear sets and the t-shirts fit really well and perhaps are even a touch oversized!? Who thought this would happen, not me that's who!

When you're a midsized babe like me (which is totally fine, by the way! (Society shouldn't try to label or define us, we're far too sassy for that!), you see other amazing ladies wear clothes from brands such as Femme Luxe Finery & think, well there's no way I'll ever be able to buy from them because my body shape doesn't fit their 'ideal'.

This may be absolutely fine because you could move on and buy from somewhere which DOES! But, perhaps for a second, you could give them a chance and you might find you're as surprised as I am.

Loungewear Sets For Dayzzzz

I know at the beginning of lockdown, everyone and their mother was buying loungewear and getting ready to stay home for a sustained period of time.

Being furloughed, I didn't really have the money to be spending on another set of joggers or t-shirts when I already had enough at home and with lockdown being almost over, was it really necessary?

So why then have I agreed to work with Femme Luxury Finery? Fair question. I guess it's because there's still going to plenty of time for me to chill out at home, watching TV and blogging.

I still want to be comfy, cosy and I don't see why I shouldn't look good whilst doing so!

Plus, I wanted to test them out to see, are they really are midsize friendly?

Loungewear Tracksuit Set - Maria in Khaki (L-XL - 14/16)

I saw this set and instantly knew I wanted it as I was drawn to the khaki colour and I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe already.

Once it arrived I was a little sceptical as the top seemed a little cropped for my liking and the joggers a bit tight around the middle.

But I was surprised to find that not only did the joggers fit both at the middle and around my ankles, the top looks really good and doesn't sit too high above the waistband of the joggers.

Also, it has POCKETS!! I know, amazing right?!

Oversized T-Shirt & Leggings Loungewear Set - Everleigh in Black (XL - 14-16)

Now this one is a little more glamorous and one which could easily be mixed into my existing wardrobe. Having a plain black set means that I don't have to worry about anything showing through but I'll still look good if I need to pop out or answer the door to the postman!

The fit of these also surprised me - the t shirt is slightly oversized and the leggings are a close fit to the leg without being overly clingy.

The fit around the waist is tight enough to not be falling down but lose enough to not be restrictive.

Having something plain like this also means I can add existing items from my wardrobe to either dress it up or down. Black trainers and my (fake) leather jacket, a cool daytime outfit, boots and a coloured blazer? Ready for an event!

I love it when I have items that can easily fit into my existing style and go with almost everything I already own.

Grey Crewneck Oversized T-Shirt - Kaia (XL 10/12)

Another basic top which will fit neatly into my existing wardrobe. Oh we do love a multifunctional piece of clothing! Not only will it go with jeans and trainers for a cool daytime look, but it will be easily dressed up with boots and a blazer or my (fake) leather jacket.

It fits really well and again has that ever so slightly oversized feel to it without it being baggy and looking too big. The arms are neither tight nor baggy, they have a similar feel to the 'Honey' t shirt.

I also love the feel of it, as it feels quite soft and much better quality than I actually expected - this goes for all of the items in this haul.

Everything feels softer and comfortable against the skin perfect if you're going to be wearing them for extended periods of time!

I already have a pair of grey joggers which this tee will go very well with. This is my uniform for those days when I'm off work and have no plans to leave the house. I look dressed but I'm very comfortable.

One thing I must mention here is that I'm surprised that this is labelled as an XL at a size 10-12 whilst everything else I've got is a 14-16!? I don't quite understand this, why isn't the sizing standardised?

Like an XL is a 14-16 and a Large is a 10-12? Although this has issues all of its own because why should a 10-12 be a large (or even an XL!?)

I am surprised by the fit of everything though, as I genuinely thought there wouldn't be anything to fit me and the items I did try would feel tight and restrictive, showing all of my lumps and bumps which I definitely do not want!

I wanted a slogan t shirt as they're what I usually wear with jeans so wanted to add to my collection and this 'Honey' one fits in perfectly.

Again it's a good fit on me and I'm able to tie it in a knot as I often do with t-shirts to show off my curves. Of course I can team it with the black leggings from the Everleigh set, giving double duty to both items.

As well as wearing the khaki jumper from the Maria set. They all go together and of course this jumper can be worn with everything from this loungewear haul!

I could also team it with the khaki joggers from the Maria set, so many options and it's good to be able to mix and match within this capsule wardrobe of loungewear. The sleeves fit well, without being too tight nor too loose on my shoulders. Nothing worse than a tight sleeve on an otherwise comfy tee!

Would I recommend Femme Luxe?

After getting to test them out myself and being surprised by the fit and the quality, I can say that yes, I do recommend them - for loungewear at least!

I am of course yet to test them out for anything else and judging by the sizing of the dresses at least, I'm not sure anything WOULD!

I could of course trial them out next time and report back, but honestly? The styles aren't ones which would look good on me anyway! I'd like to try other styles of leggings, loungewear sets and cycling shorts.

If you're on the hunt for affordable, good quality loungewear which will mix and match well within each set as well as within your own wardrobe; then yes I would definitely recommend them!

I really love all the pieces I have from Femme Luxe, I feel they can easily mix into items I already have my wardrobe without being extras that take up space.

I'm excited to style them up and see how I can mix them into everything else that I already have - perhaps I could do another post where I do this? Let me know!

Love, Sarah


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