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Tofu Firecracker Curry from Wagamama

Small Changes Big Difference

For Veganuary 2021, Wagamama have committed to offering only the best vegan dishes and protein packed powerhouses.

There's no token vegan dish or second thought vegan options round here, only the best will do for Wagamama this year.

They have committed to making 50% of their menu meat free by the end of 2021 and are committed to treading more lightly on the planet, this year and every year that follows it.

Small changes done by everybody have the biggest impact on lowering carbon emissions and collectively we can make a massive difference.

They are big on change and are focusing in on 3 key areas:

Championing plant based alternatives and sustainability like never before

Shining a light on mental health and better supporting those who need it

Becoming an active ally for diversity & inclusion

By sharing this, they are hoping to hold themselves accountable to make positive change in 2021.

The Vegan Edit

So what's new this year?

Well, Wagamama have 3 new rice dishes:

No Duck Donburi

Tofu Firecracker (pictured above)

Tofu Raisukaree

2 new sides:

Vegan 'squid'

Vegan sticky 'ribs'

As well as a refreshed Kimchee side.

With this menu, Wagamama are challenging you to try something new and swap out your usual meat protein for something a little different.

My Takeaway Dishes & Review

  • Tofu Raisukaree

  • Tofu Firecracker

  • Bang Bang Cauliflower

  • Edamame beans with garlic + chilli salt

  • Sticky 'ribs'

Quite a lot for one person, but of course I'm not complaining and it just means I had leftovers!

My Reviews

First up, let's do the two Tofu dishes, Firecracker & Raisukaree.

Both new rice dishes and have been created to challenge, to switch up your proteins for the health of the planet.

tofu raisukaree 11.95

mild + citrusy. tofu. coconut. mangetout. peppers. red + spring onion. sesame seeds. chilli. coriander. fresh lime. white rice

tofu firecracker 11.25

bold + fiery. tofu. mangetout. red + green peppers. onion. hot red chillies. sesame seeds. shichimi. fresh lime, white rice.

I loved both of these dishes, their flavours were very fresh and full. Firecracker is definitely for those who love a good chilli and don't mind a bit of heat to their dishes.

Raisukaree reminded me of a green Thai curry. Much milder than its fiery counterpart, its coconut base comes through and allows the citrus notes to shine through.

The tofu in both of these dishes is a wonderful swap away from the traditional proteins found in rice dishes of this nature.

sticky vegan 'ribs' 6.50

mushroom soya protein 'ribs'. sweet + spicy sticky sauce. sesame seeds. spring onion

These ribs. Oh. My. Word. Their flavour leaves mouths watering & their sticky sauce leaves hands dripping in flavour.

I dare you to find a tastier, stickier & more delicious version. They will tempt even the most hardened omnivore!

bang bang cauliflower 5.25 crispy cauliflower. firecracker sauce. red + spring onion. fresh ginger. coriander.

A firm favourite with diners the world over, the humble cauliflower is given a makeover & turned into a dish that even the most vegetable shy will be inclined to try.

The firecracker sauce gives just enough heat to delight, whilst the crispy batter adds a new dimension. This dish is one of my favourites and I have it every time I eat at Wagamama.

edamame 4.5

beans with salt or chilli-garlic salt

Another favourite here. Edamame is gently fried to add crunch before being shaken with either salt/chilli-garlic salt.

We all know about the health benefits of this bean, they may be small but they are mighty! The frying adds crunch and the salts a bit of flavour. A good side to have with a drink before the main event.

Final Thoughts

Having spent some time learning about all the changes Wagamama are bringing into 2021, I can quite confidentially say that when you choose to eat out with them, you are helping bring about a number of positive changes.

Both within the restaurants themselves and ensuring that they continue to roll out the changes they've committed to.

The new dishes they've added this year are a shining example of how you do Veganuary right. I am incredibly impressed by the fact they're committed to making 50% of their menu plant based by the end of 2021.

There may be a lot of questions as to why they're doing this, but put simply, it's to help curb carbon emissions. Something we could all learn to do a bit more of!

I for one am thankful that a major chain such as Wagamama is making these kind of commitments. It makes me more inclined to dine in their restaurants & order them as my takeaway of choice.

I cannot wait to see what else they do!

Sarah xoxo

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