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AD Why Your Online Space Needs Cohesive Branding

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AD – sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

If you have any sort of online presence, you’ve probably heard people talk about digital branding.

Now whilst you may think this is reserved for the likes of content creators and freelancers, it may actually be beneficial to anyone who has any kind of digital space.

Especially if you have something you’re looking to sell online or are looking for customers for your business.

Having some digital branding will ensure people know where to look when they go to look you up online.

If they already know the colours, logo and tagline of your business, they’ll instantly click onto your website instead of spending hours searching for it in the deep dark depths of page 5 of Google!

Whilst at one end, SEO will help you out here, in terms of taking you from page 5 of Google, to being right at the top of page 1.

Having a cohesive look across all of your social media pages and your website, makes you appear more trustworthy as well as ensuring that customers know where to look when looking for a particular service or product.

The type of font you choose, entirely depends on what it is that you’re selling.

For example if you’re an artist and your focus is on graffiti style art, perhaps you’d want to chose graffiti style fonts so that your work would be instantly recognisable to your customers.

My Top Tips For Updating Your Digital Branding

Decide on a colour theme – preferably one which matches your style and personality

Choose a font – one which is clear to read is preferable but from here the choices are limitless!

Ensure cohesiveness – your branding should be consistent across all your digital platforms

Choose your logo – this will help your site be more recognisable online

Optimize your website/mobile interface – this one’s pretty straight forward but you’d be surprised!

My Digital Branding

My digital branding colour palette is on the yellow spectrum. Everyone I know has said that they associate me with yellow and sunshine, so it’s only natural that I would chose this when building my online presence.

If you head over to my new website, you’ll be greeted by yellow and my blossom pictures.

Also, if you click onto my Instagram profile, then you’ll see how I’ve got custom highlight covers which also match the colour palette on my website.

This is again carried through onto my Twitter profile where the header on my profile is my blog banner, which I send out when I’m advertising my website with other bloggers.

All of this cohesiveness ensures that when someone is looking for my website or a particular blog post of mine to read, they’ll be reassured that the content they’re reading is from me rather than anyone else.

If I was selling a product alongside my blog posts, then any potential customers would be reassured that they were buying from SunshineSarahxo instead of an imposter site!

Having a website which is correctly optimised for mobile use as well as desktop usage, ensures my bounce rate will be much lower and everyone who comes to my blog will be more likely to stay on my site for longer. Maybe they'll read another blog post after they’ve finished the one they clicked onto in the first place.

Thankfully, Wix sites come with a fully optimised mobile site which just makes everything easier. Not only for me, but more importantly, for my readers.

More and more of my readers are using mobile phones to view my website and therefore it’s vital that their experience isn’t ignored and instead is effortless so they’re more inclined to stay on my site for longer and read more of my posts.

A logo is an important part of my digital branding, as well as having consistent colours across all of my platforms, a logo is a quickly identifiable part of my online persona.

It enables people to quickly know that the piece of content they’re reading, is from myself and not an imposter! It also enables me to share my website when I advertise with other bloggers.

Having the same font on my website also helps keep everything cohesive. Nothing worse than navigating around a website/blog and having the font change with almost every click!

All of this is to say that updating your digital branding is all about being cohesive across all of your digital platforms. Once people become familiar with your logo, fonts, style and colours then they'll be more likely to remember you when searching for your particular style of work/writing.

It needn't be difficult to update your digital branding, there are plenty of free and reasonably priced templates available which will help you out when you're deciding to overhaul your branding.

Ask your customer/followers/readers for help if you feel daunted by this, they're the ones who know you best after all!

I hope these tips have helped you out, if you're a blogger then it shouldn't be too much of a surprise to you!

You've probably changed up your style a fair few times over the years, I know I have! But sometimes it's good to be reminded about what's important.



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