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Bakerdays Cake Review & Giveaway


We all love cake, right? Cake through the letterbox is one better, yes? OK, so how about FREE cake through your letterbox? Better, yes? YES! Excellent, stay with me and I’ll tell you how you can go about doing just that!

Bakerdays have developed a truly versatile colour and decorating process to create beautiful cakes that actually taste just as if you had made them yourself.

Their cakes are all designed to fit perfectly through your letterbox so no need to worry about the dreaded red card on the mat!

Bakerdays also pride themselves on creating bespoke personalised cakes, bringing their knowledge of printing to the kitchen.

You can personalise the cake with your own message or upload your own photos to over 1000 of their designs. Have it delivered the next day or pre-order up to 1 year in advance!

Their cakes are all made to order using only the best and tastiest ingredients, for instance they use make their own buttercream, using only real butter. No cheap alternatives here!

My Vegan Sponge Cake Review

Of course, I ordered the vegan sponge, it was good to see this addition to the Bakerdays website as there are quite a few people who are in need of a dairy-free alternative.

I submitted my blog logo as a photo for the cake because why not?

The icing on the outside was quite thick but substantial which helped the cake underneath it stay moist and not dry out. I personally don’t like icing so I didn’t eat it, but I’m sure it’s quite tasty!

The vegan sponge does not have jam or buttercream in the middle of it, which unfortunately leaves the sponge itself a tad dry and in need of both when eating it!

To be quite honest, I’m just glad I got to have another Bakerdays cake to taste!

Having experienced vegan baking first-hand, I know how difficult it can be to get the sponge as light and airy as the non-vegan version.

Sometimes the sponge can become heavy as it doesn’t have the eggs to give it lift.

This sponge was surprisingly light, but sadly quite dry and not one I would want to repeat. (But perhaps this has more to do with me leaving it for a couple of days in the tin before I tucked into it…)

I loved how my photo turned out on the top of the cake though. Slightly blurry but still very readable with clear lettering.

You know I’m all about the branding for my blog and so it’s no surprise really that I would choose my logo for the top of this vegan sponge cake!

Bakerdays Giveaway

OK so onto the fun part, the giveaway! Here you can win your very own letterbox cake which can be fully customisable to your taste.

It’s simple to enter really, just follow all the instructions on the Rafflecopter widget and cross your fingers!

It starts on 14th September and ends a week later on 21st September, you must follow all the rules to be in with a chance to win and I will be checking you have followed them all!

Enter the giveaway.

Best of Luck!



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