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4 Big Benefits of Walking a Dog

January is National Walk Your Dog Month, and so I thought I should write a post all about why dog walking is so important!

National Walk Your Dog Month encourages people to get out and about, even during the cold Winter weather.

It aims to help dogs get the daily exercise they need, and it also allows the public to see the many benefits of getting active on a regular basis.

This campaign pushes dog owners to make a pledge for the health of themselves and their dog.

In this blog post, find out more about the big benefits of walking a dog, including a few ways that it can help anyone's mental health and keep pets healthy too!

Whether you're walking your friend's dog or you've got a brand new puppy, I hope this post can give you a few unique ideas this National Walk Your Dog Month.

1. It's great for your mental health

Walking a dog is great for your mental health. It can help you get out of the house whenever you need a break, or just reduce your stress on a daily basis.

Sometimes it can be hard to make time for a walk during the day, especially when the weather isn't great.

However, if you're walking a dog, you have an excuse to go out. As well as looking after your dog every single day, it also forces you to look after yourself.

2. You can get a bit of exercise

It might seem obvious, but walking a dog is a great opportunity to get a bit of exercise!

Walking is fantastic for your physical health, allowing you to build lots of active cardio into your daily or weekly routine.

This can help you increase your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones and reduce body fat this January. You can also reduce the risk of conditions such as type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.

You could try picking up the pace a little bit or even go for a run with your dog, to get a great fitness boost during the day.

3. You can socialise

One of the great benefits of walking a dog is that you get to socialise!

While you walk, you might bump into other dog walkers, out with their own pets. This gives you chance to chat to any passers-by in a way that you can't when you're on a normal walk.

This National Walk Your Dog Month, you could even team up with other dog walkers for your regular walk.

This will give your pet the chance to socialise and interact with other dogs, too!

4. It helps your dog!

Walking a dog on a regular basis helps your dog. It gives your faithful hound the chance to get some exercise, work off any energy and take a much-needed bathroom break.

Dogs that don't get regular walks can became aggressive or stressed in the house, so it's super important to walk your dog on a regular basis- not just this month, but every month.

What are the benefits of walking a dog for you? Do you like to make a pledge for National Walk Your Dog Month? Let me know!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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