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Botanique Pure Nature Vegan Haircare From Paris

AD- Haircare set sent to me in return for this review and giveaway. All opinions and photos my own.

Recently I've been trying out La Biosthetique Botanique Vegan Haircare Range from the Hair Care Shop.

My hair although short can be quite dry and frizzy at times and what with attempting to swim the channel my hair needs more care these days than it usually does.

But thankfully this gorgeous new range has been helping me out on both counts.

With the ease of the pump action nozzle on the shampoo and the spray leave in conditioner, it means I can get ready in minutes after my swim sessions instead of taking ages to work in both shampoo and conditioner then waiting to rinse each of them out!

The small sizes are also handy for putting into my swim bag as well as taking away with me (I took these to Paris with me and they were the perfect size for my washbag!).

Botanique is an amazing new vegan and Halal range from La Biosthetique. The whole range is 100% certified natural and is completely free from animal products, parabens, mineral oils, sulphates, alcohol and silicon.

All scents are completely natural and an absolute joy to use on your hair and skin. (They also have a skincare range.)

They are split into three areas so you can find exactly the range to suit your needs:

Gentle - To give gentle and mild care using ingredients such as ginko and lavender.

Balancing - Free from perfumes the balancing range is especially gentle for your skin and hair. Using ingredients such as ginseng and jojoba.

Intense - This will inject some energy into your skin and hair care routine with energizing ingredients such as mint and lemon to lift and revive.

"Whenever possible, we prefer natural active ingredients. We are convinced that effect principles that adjust themselves to the nature of hair and skin achieve the best results in the long term. Our goal was to use the power of plants to create our own range. We were inspired by millennia of phytotherapy (herbal medicine). We applied this basic idea to cosmetics in the form of Botanique Pure Nature. Our plant active ingredients are rated according to their effect and intensity." (Source)

Dr Christian Ader, Head of Research, Development and Production

Botanique Balancing Shampoo

This new shampoo is a fantastically balancing shampoo with mild surfactants to aid the dispersal of the shampoo based on coconut and sugar.

This shampoo is perfume-free, vegan and paraben-free ideal for sensitive scalps.

Key ingredients:

Aloe Vera - cools and calms while adding moisture

Jojoba - Vitamin E rich, balances and rehydrates

Sunflower - calms with a-tocopherol and helps with oil absorption

Botanique Gentle Conditioner

This is a wonderful new vegan and paraben free conditioner from La Biosthetique which is gentle and kind to your hair but effective at adding moisture and leaving it in beautiful condition.

Botanique's Gentle Conditioner is a leave-in style so is perfect for a busy life as it takes minimal effort to use and no time to wash out.

All you need to do is leave hair easy to comb, soft, strong and silky is apply it style and go!

A wonderful combination of scents are blended to give a gentle and calming feel and leave you feeling wonderfully pampered.

Key ingredients:

Ginkgo biloba - improves circulation and lasting moisture

Oats - calms and conditions the skin

Lavender - calming scent for a relaxing experience

Botanique Intense Mask

Our hair can benefit from a good mask just as much as our faces can so why not treat yourself to some pampering and intense treatment.

Botanique Intense Mask is a deep conditioning mask using the oils of macadamia buts along with ginseng extract to leave your hair soft, silky and amazingly well cared for.

Beautiful scents are expertly blended to give an intense boost of 'oomph' leaving your hair feeling invigorated and ready to take on the world!

Suitable for all hair types.

Key ingredients:

Ginseng - Invigorates and gives strength

Borage - Cares and soothes

Spearmint - Invigorates the senses

My Thoughts

As you can probably tell I've absolutely loved using these products. They have become a staple in my swimming bag and they always leave my hair feeling silky soft, manageable and smelling incredible.

The smell of the conditioner once sprayed in and brushed through my hair leaves the most amazing scent behind.

I love the nozzle design of the shampoo, it makes it incredibly easy to apply in the shower after my swim. It doesn't take much to lather up and really wash my hair as well as any other shampoo I've ever tried.

The fact that all of these are vegan makes me incredibly happy because I would never want any innocent creature to be harmed just so I had nicer smelling hair! All the ingredients are completely natural too which just goes to prove that you don't need any chemicals in your haircare.

I have yet to try the hair mask but just like the facemask from the new REN Skincare range I'll probably use it whilst I'm in the bath as that's where I like to relax the most and take the time to do a face/hair mask as usually I'm a shower girl when time is against me!

The Giveaway:

So for my readers I have another giveaway for you!! The lovely people from the Haircare Shop have given me another set of the shampoo, conditioner, hair-mask and tea to giveaway! Aren't you lucky?!

All you need to do is follow the instructions on the rafflecopter widget below!

Good Luck!

A Rafflecopter giveaway Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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