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Love Bridgerton? Check Out 3 Summer Events For You!

I think everyone has watched Bridgerton by now, and it's a fantastic series full of vibrant characters and amazing love stories.

I love learning a bit about history, and while Bridgerton might not be the most accurate show- it truly transports you into a different age. Suddenly, the touch of a hand or a glance at the ball means everything, and I can't wait for them to bring out a third series of this much-loved popular show!

If you loved watching Bridgerton (and you're upset that the second series has finished!) I've put together a list of amazing historical events to check out this Summer.

I recommend checking out each and every one of these events, and they're set to be beautiful occasions.

1. Jane Austen Regency Week

This event takes place in Hampshire between 18-26 June. This is a nine-day festival, and it is packed full of everything Austen. It takes place in the market town of Alton and nearby Chawton, which is where tourists can find Jane Austen's House and Museum.

This sounds fantastic for anyone who loved Bridgerton, and visitors can expect Regency style music just like the show! There will be amazing dinners, drama, singing, talks and guided tours. Visitors can even attend a Regency Ball.

Whether you're a fan of Jane Austen or you just love the romance of the period, head to this event over the Summer.

2. Blitz Weekend

This exciting, historical weekend takes place between 25 June and 26 June, and it is run by The Friends of The Staffordshire Regiment Museum in Litchfield.

This event includes a weekend of outdoor entertainment and education.

Immerse yourself in the Blitz era, including refreshments from the Women's Voluntary Service and participation by the Home Guard.

Visitors can also explore the museum and learn about this incredible time in our history.

3. Stratford-Upon-Avon

Stratford-Upon-Avon is a great place to visit this Summer, and visitors can enjoy tours of Shakespeare's birthplace. It is a picturesque place straight out of a postcard!

Transport yourself to the Elizabethan age with a wander around this beautiful town or enjoy a staycation here!

You can also visit Ann Hathaway's Cottage or watch a dramatic Shakespearean play by the Royal Shakespeare Company.

These plays take place on the banks of the River Avon, and it is an incredible and historical place to visit with friends and family this Summer.

Do you like Bridgerton? Are you checking out any historical events this Summer?

Let me know!

Love, Sarah xoxo

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