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5 Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home

I've been writing a lot about Spring lately, including my post all about my favourite Spring sweet treats and my favourite things about this light and beautiful season.

Today, I thought I would write about how to bring Spring into your home. This can be something completely free, such as appreciating natural light, or you might want to invest in some adorable Spring products that brighten up your home.

In this post, I've put together 5 ways to bring Spring into your home. Winter has well and truly gone, and I am so excited to welcome Spring with open arms!

1. Buy some flowers

One of the best things about Spring is the gorgeous flowers that pop up everywhere! From lovely daffodils to bright crocuses, I love going for Spring walks and checking out all of the vibrant colours.

Buy some flowers to brighten up your home ready for Spring! This doesn't have to be anything too expensive, you could just pop to your local supermarket for some beautiful flowers, to add a little colour to your home.

2. Choose Spring homeware

There are lots of Spring homeware bits and pieces that you can use to bring Spring into your home. Choose products with cute baby animals on them or invest in some new blankets and cushions to brighten up your home.

Spring is a brand new season, and it's a great time to consider what you love in your home- and what you want to change to add a bit of colour and happiness. You'll be surprised how much the right environment can brighten up your mood.

3. Open those windows!

I love opening up the blinds during Spring, and it's a great way to bring Spring into your home for free!

Open your blinds or curtains and even open your windows if the weather is nice enough. You could also make an effort to keep your windowsills clear and tidy so that you can let as much natural light into the room as possible.

4. Invest in pastel colours

Spring really is the season for pastel colours! Invest in some pastel coloured products now that Winter is firmly behind us. You could try out homeware products in pastel pinks, lilacs, blues and yellows.

These colours always make me feel happy, and you could even extend this to your wardrobe as the days get warmer and it is easier to wear some of your favourite outfits without lots of layers!

5. Put away your heavy blankets

During Winter you need to use heavy blankets to stay as warm as possible- but during the Spring and Summer months you can put those heavy blankets away and bring lighter covers and duvets onto your bed.

This is a great way to bring Spring into your home, and you could even buy some adorable Easter or Spring bedding.

6. Spruce up your living space

When it comes to Springtime, I always want to give my living space a little spruce to refresh for the new season. Just like a classic Spring clean, a little spruce can go a long way to enjoy and prepare for the season ahead.

This might involve adding a lovely new coat of paint to my walls or investing in Herringbone Flooring.

I love finding new ways to bring Spring into my home, refreshing my living space and finding creative ideas that change things up as we enter into Spring.

Let me know how you're going to bring Spring into your home this season!

Sarah xoxoxo

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