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5 Charities to Check Out On International Day of Charity

Today is International Day of Charity! This is the perfect time to think about the important work that charities do across the world, celebrating all of these organisations and helping to raise awareness for important causes.

There's something truly incredible about a charity. From food banks to animal shelters, charities help the people or animals that need it most in our society.

Most charities depend on generous donations and they rely on volunteers, and it's important to understand how to support non-profit organisations so that they can continue to offer their services.

In this blog post, I wanted to discuss 5 incredible charities to check out this International Day of Charity.

All of these charities are amazing organisations that do fantastic work for the causes they support- and I recommend supporting them online or even giving a small donation if you can. Not just today, but any day!

1. Women's Aid

Women's Aid provides national and local support for domestic abuse survivors across the UK.

From refuge centres to advice about getting out of a toxic relationship, their organisation has helped thousands of women and children escape dangerous situations.

This charity also aims to educate people about the intricacies of abuse.

This includes gaslighting and coercion, helping anyone spot the signs of abuse and get themselves or their loved one the support they need.

2. Mind

Mind is a well-known charity to check out this International Day of Charity.

This website features lots of different mental health resources for people across the UK, offering a space where people can get help when they need it.

Mental health is such an important topic, and we all need a bit of support every now and then.

Mind is there for you, providing support and advice about depression, supporting a loved one and online support.

3. Dog's Trust

Dog's Trust is an animal welfare charity in the UK, helping dogs live a happy life- free from abuse or other issues.

This charity helps dogs in lots of different ways!

This includes listings for dog adoptions, sponsorship opportunities, the chance to foster a pet, advice to look after your dog, dog training opportunities and how to give up your dog if you can no longer care for it.

This website is worth a browse if you want to adopt a new pet, with local rescue centres listed for dog lovers across the UK.

You could also donate to this charity, or even offer to sponsor or foster a cute pet if you have the resources to do so.

4. Planned Parenthood

With the recent shocking news about abortion rights over in the US & Texas, it's more important than ever to support charities such as Planned Parenthood.

This charity helps people access information about their reproductive rights, including their local abortion clinic and how the new laws will affect them.

Planned Parenthood also allows anyone to get access contraception, STD information and more.

They encourage people to ask any questions about their sexual and reproductive health, priding themselves on offering a high level of care from trained sexual health educators.

5. The Vegan Society

The Vegan Society is an educational charity that aims to provide nutritional guidance to people across the world.

This charity offers free tips and tricks for people considering the vegan diet, including budget-friendly recipes and how to live vegan for less.

This is a great resource for people looking to improve their sustainable practices, promoting worldwide veganism.

Are there are charities you like to support on a regular basis? Let me know all the incredible organisations that do lots for the people and animals who need it most!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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