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AD Preventing Colds With ColdZyme + Giveaway!

A stuffed toy sloth on a bed holding a box of ColdZyme cold spray

AD - Post in collaboration with ColdZyme. All pictures my own and claims for the effectiveness of ColdZyme are taken from the brand themselves.

Today, I'm here to chat to you about a product which can shorten the duration of a common cold, by up to/as much as half or by 3.5 days. Something we're all on the lookout to do, especially at the moment.

I usually pick up all the colds going, as at work I come into contact with a lot of people so there's always something doing the rounds.

Thankfully though, the last few years I've had the flu jab which has helped tremendously with helping to prevent this. I also take Echinacea tablets whenever I feel the first signs to try and stave it off.

Now there's a new product on the market which starts forming a protective barrier immediately upon first use.

ColdZyme One Cold Mouth Spray

ColdZyme works by forming a protective barrier on the mucous membrane of the throat and is unique in that it fights the cause of the common cold - the cold virus. Used proactively, ColdZyme can help shorten the duration of a cold by acting on the cold virus itself instead of just helping to relive the symptoms.

This smaller 7ml ColdZyme is perfectly adapted for those of us who are perhaps trying it for the first time, are treating the symptoms or want to prevent your risk of catching a cold in the first place.

WHEN YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS: Are you on the road / traveling and feel the first symptoms of a cold being on, then ColdZyme® 7ml is designed for you, spray 2 times (= 1 dose) at the first symptoms (sore throat, feeling sick or irritated throat) every other hours until symptoms cease (max. 6 doses per day).

PREVENTION: Are you training for a competition, are you going up for a student exam or are you looking forward to a wedding? Regardless, ColdZyme® 7ml is designed so that you can prevent colds for the occasion you do not want to miss. If you run the risk of having a cold (for example, someone in your vicinity is cold, on public transport, on airplanes, crowds). Spray 2 times (= 1 dose), repeat every two hours as long as you are “exposed to risk” (max 6 doses per day).

*At the moment, any signs of a cold can be mistaken for COVID-19 so it's important to say that if you're feeling any signs of COVID, you should definitely get yourself tested to rule it out before using this ColdZyme spray.*

5 Ways To Treat A Winter Cold

There are many ways to treat a cold and as the saying goes, 'the old ones are the best' so I've gathered together a few here to see how different we all are when we're feeling under the weather and like all we want to do is prise open half an eye to watch something on Netflix!

A stuffed toy sloth on a bed holding a box of ColdZyme cold spray

My Mum's tips always work best, however much I try to push through and claim 'I'm fine' I know I'm really not until I've followed her steps to success!

  1. Take paracetamol/ibuprofen

  2. Go to sleep

  3. Drink fluids (water and Lucozade were always old favourites!)

  4. Ensure you're warm enough

  5. Drink hot lemon and honey for a sore throat

Without a doubt, Mum's advice is always the best and work every single time so I don't know why I would ever want to go against her advice to be honest!

Plus, any excuse to stay in bed is good with me! We only ever got Lucozade when we were unwell so I now always associate it with this. It's high in sugars/glucose so is good at replenishing anything we may have lost while we were unwell.

Depending on what illness we had, we would also sometimes get a glucose sachet mixed up with juice, this has the same effect as the Lucozade does, just in a different format!

A stuffed toy sloth on a bed holding a box of ColdZyme cold spray

Another one I've grown up with is to make myself a hot honey and lemon if I ever had a sore throat. This is quite an old one but I swear it works really well!

The honey has antibacterial properties to it along with being sweet and the lemon has vitamin C. I now automatically make this whenever I'm feeling a bit 'bleugh', it's like a miracle cure and always makes me feel better!

Lauren from bournemouthgirl blog says that using Vicks vapour rub and putting your feet up always work for her and I'd have to agree!

When I get a cold, my nose tends to suffer the most and so I would always keep a jar of Vicks on my bedside table just in case I needed it, which was more often than I ever realised to be honest!

Another way to help a cold is to stick your head over a bowl of hot water, cover your head with a towel and inhale the steam. I'm not sure if this actually works because I've never tried it but you could always put some essential oils/lemon/Vicks in the water to see if it helps?!

It has been proven that using a nasal spray can help with reducing inflammation and slowing mucous production, but with things like this it's always best to start using them as soon as you feel the first signs of a cold.

That way, the product can start getting to work in preventing the cold virus from attaching itself in the first place and you never know, it may even help to speed up recovery!

The Giveaway - Win ColdZyme to help protect you and your family over winter!

A stuffed toy sloth on a bed holding a box of ColdZyme cold spray

I am very excited to bring you a giveaway to win ColdZyme products to see you and your family through Winter! Like I said before, prevention is better than cure with colds, so don't delay and enter this competition today!

Click the link to enter the giveaway! Good Luck!



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