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Top 7 Most Comforting Shows to Watch on Netflix

When we’ve had a rough day, sometimes the only thing to do is light the fire and watch a good TV show. Many of us turn to old favourites for comfort while others may prefer to experience something new. But do you know that it’s actually a very common thing to have a selection of ‘comfort shows'? They may not be our favourites, but they make us feel warm and fuzzy. Like being wrapped in a hypothetical blanket of familiar characters and scenarios.

The occurrence of people indulging in their comfort shows has skyrocketed during the pandemic, while for others it has been a stable throughout their lives.

For me, I’ve always re-watched things again and again. There’s no surprises, I don’t have to concentrate as much, and I can easily have it on as background noise. From classics like ‘The Office’, to the modern take on ‘Queer Eye’, my list of comfort shows is ever growing.

Here are 7 comfort shows you can watch again and again.

Gilmore Girls

(Feel good drama/comedy)

I grew up watching Gilmore Girls on E4 and it quickly became the highlight of my summers. Set in the small town of Stars Hollow, sit back and relax as you follow mother-daughter duo Rory and Lorelai Gilmore as they navigate life.

From boy trouble to growing up and moving out, this wholesome show is addictive from seasons one right through to seven. And don’t get me started on that theme tune!

The Office (US)


My husband and I are currently on our third re-watch of The Office since it came to Netflix last year. Yes, you read that correctly. We’ve watched every season approximately three times in the space of twelve months. And as if that weren’t enough, we’re also listening to the Office Ladies Podcast hosted by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey.

Set in a paper company in the town of Scranton, The Office follows boss Micheal Scott (Steve Carell) and his immediate team in the style of a documentary. What exactly are they trying to document? We’ll never know. But what ensues is seasons worth of hilarity, extremely cringey moments and even some tear jerkers.

If you’re in the mood for some awkward mockumentary style shenanigans then I can’t recommend this show more! Double brownie points if you also take the time to listen to the walk through of each episode in Office Ladies.

Are we obsessed with this whimsical, brutally awkward masterpiece? Maybe. Do we also think you’ll become addicted? Yes!

Parks and Recreation

(Mockumentary, comedy)

This is another amazing mockumentary style TV show that is just hilarious from start to finish. Filmed in the same style as The Office you can expect slightly less awkward moments, but still plenty to make you laugh.

This show is based in Pawnee, Indiana and follows the lives of government employees for the local parks and recreation department. Leslie Knope, deputy director, is passionate about improving the local area. She has dreams of wide, open spaces full of greenery and play areas for children and their guardians. Her merry band of colleagues, however, aren’t as keen.

Once again, shenanigans and hilarity ensure to give you hours of belly laughs and cringe worthy moments. If you love The Office, you’ll love Parks and Recreation!

Arrested Development

(Mockumentary, comedy)

This one can be described as like marmite: You either love it or you hate it. While it’s not top of my list, I do occasionally stray towards it. I find it just as awkward and hilarious as the other mockumentaries.

It follows Michael Bluth as he steps up to handle his father’s real estate business. As if that weren’t enough, he also has to deal with his very dysfunctional family!

Bojack Horseman

(Adult Animation)

If you’re a sad millennial who’s feeling a little sorry for themselves, just watch it. Then re-watch it. And then watch it again. Trust me- and be prepared to feel all the feels.

Bojack is a famous TV one-hit wonder. He worked on a show in the 90s and has done little else since. But that doesn’t stop him living the high life with sex, drugs and alcohol ruling his life. Oh, also he’s a horse. And his agent/on again-off again girlfriend is a cat. And he also falls in love with a human who’s married to a dog? It’s crazy yet genius.

Queer Eye

(Reality TV)

A makeover show with a wholesome difference. If you’re ready to watch the fab 5 change lives, encourage self-care, and make you cry into your ice-cream- then buckle up. With five seasons to watch, you’d better clear your schedule.

This show taught me so much about confidence, self-care, and myself. And each time I watch it I discover something new or I’m reminded of something I’ve been forgetting. The boys challenge gender norms, grief, self-hatred, homophobia, racial inequalities, mental health, and so much more.

Schitts Creek


Another fantastic comedy that brings its fair share of laughter and humour. It’s quite similar to Arrested Development but arguably superior.

Schitts Creek is based around a family of misfit rich folk that suddenly lose their wealth and are forced to go broke. They go to live in a shabby motel in the town of Schitt and try to make their way as the working class.

While it’s similar to Arrested Development I personally find the plot better, and more enjoyable.

I love watching these shows again and again, and they are my favourite comfort shows for any bad days when I just need a little bit of fun, laughter, and light-hearted humour.

Let me know all your favourite comfort shows in the comments!

Love, Sarah xoxoxo

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